Investigations into History

History is Philosophy teaching by examples. --Thucydides

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World History Presentations
US History Presentations
10.1 Begnnings 11.1 Beginnings
Roman Empire Middle Ages Native Americans Puritans
Middle Ages Brief Crusades Colonization Revolutionary War
Plague Renaissance Constitution1 Checks and Balances
Renaissance Brief Ancient Greece Constitution 2 Reconstruction
    Enlightenment US The Amish
10.2 Revolutions and Republics Bill of Rights  
Enlightenment French Revolution Civil War  
Glorious Revolution Absolutism Life in 1800s  
Reformation Reformation Chart    
    11.2 Migration
10.3 Art Science Industry Immigration and Prejudice Americanization
Art History 1 Picasso Industrialization  
Art History 2 The Amish    
Scientific Revolution Industrial Rev 11.3 Religion
    Great Awakening  
10.4 Africa India Imperialism    
Africa India 11.4 Rise of USA
Imperialism   World War I Big Stick Policy
    Open Door Policy Progressive Era
10.5-6 World War I    
World War I   11.5 1920s
    Harlem Renaissance New Era to Depression
10.7 Russian Rev & Between Wars    
Russian Rev Stalinism 11.6 Depression
Between the Wars   Wall Street Depression
    New Deal  
10.8 World War II    
World War II   11.7 World War Two
    World War II Hiroshima
10.9 Cold War    
Cold War UN and NATO 11.8  
    11.9 Cold War
10.10 Nation Building Cold War Post War Alliances
Nation Building China   Cuban Missile Crisis McCarthyism
    Korean War Vietnam War
    War in Cambodia  
Additional Materials      
History of Halloween   11.10 Civil Rights
Study Skills   Civil Rights Gay Rights
Goals   Hispanic Rights  
Why study history?      
Conflict Resolution     Court Cases
Archeology   Brown vs Education Board Plessy
Final Exams   Bakke Proposition 209
EverFi Registration      
    11.11 Contemporary Issues
    Watergate and Nixon Immigration Act 1965
    Womens Movement  


History Assignments and Documents

General Documents World History Assignments US History Assignments
Syllabus Video worksheet Rome Video worksheet Roanoke TV
Book Report Video worksheet DaVinci Online Video Roanoke Youtube
Bibliography Format Video worksheet DaVinci TV Video worksheet Boston Massacre
Document Analysis Worksheets Reformation Worksheet Video worksheet Slavery
Service Learning Video worksheet Newton Video worksheet 1910 TV
Cube Outline French Revolution Poster Video worksheet 1910 Online
Roman Relationships Video worksheet French Revolution Great Awakening Booklet
Introduction to Pueblo HS Common Core Reign of Terror French Rev Diaroma Manifest Destiny
  Common Core Industrial Rev Video 1920s TV
  Industrial Rev Costa's Questions Video Worksheet 1920s Online
  Video worksheet Taj Majal TV Video worksheet Lusitania
  Video worksheet Taj Mahal Online Screenplay Lusitania
  Video worksheet Blood Diamonds World Video worksheet KKK
  Diorama India Project Trial Sacco Vanzetti Scopes
  Letter from the Trenches Video worksheet Scopes Trial
  Video worksheet Letters WWI Video worksheet Sacco Vanzetti Trial
  Video worksheet Rasputin Writing a newspaper article
  Russian Revolution Booklet Video worksheet Wall Street
  Poster WW2 World History Video worksheet 1930s (Depression) Online
  Video worksheet Pearl Harbor World History Video worksheet Rise of ISIS
  Cold War Cube Great Depression Project US History
  Video worsheet Stalin Video Worksheet Pearl Harbor US History
  China cube WW2 Project Poster or Booklet
  Worksheet Absolutism Hiroshima Poster
  Video Worksheet Reformation Video worksheet 1950s TV
  Video Worksheet The Sun King (Louis XIV) Video worksheet 1960s TV
  Video Worksheet China Video worksheet 1950s Online
  Student Choice Unit 11 Technology Video worksheet 1960s Online
  Worksheet Middle Ages Trial Alger Hiss
  Readings on Renaissance Trial Civil Rights
  Worksheet on Renaissance Technology Timeline US History
    Video worksheet Vietnam
    Video worksheet Ronald Reagan
    Video worksheet Cold War US
    Video worksheet Iraq War



World History Links
US History Links
Ancient History Greek Culture Native American Tribes Colonies
French Revolution Rome, Time Line Puritanism Jeffersonian Era
Napoleon Links China Tour Forbidden City US US History Time Line
Middle Ages Art History Enlightenment Thinkers Theodore Roosevelt Links
Chinese Dynasties Sistine Chapel Tour Rev War League of Nations
World War I Trenches History of India US Enters WWI New Deal Programs
WWI Stories African History 1920s Depression
Scientific Revolution Russian Revolution Depression Outline New Deal
Eyewitness to History Africa Benin Art Bill of Rights WWII History
Benin Art History Vatican Web Site Hiroshima Documents History of Constitution
Sumarian Civilization Egypt British Museum Eyewitness to History Civil Rights Era
Vatican Radio Live   Constitution Links Hiroshima
    Cherokee, History of FDR Cartoons
Remind Communication Sign Up   Amistad Scopes Trial
    US Civil War Trial: Alger Hiss
    Court Case Bakke Ethnic America
    Civil War World War I: Stories
    Death of Lincoln World War I in 3 minutes: video

Internet Assignments


World History
US History
Ancient India and China American Revolution
Greek Democracy Colonization
Hinduism and Buddism Declaration of Indep
India; Gupta Empire and Caste Federalism
Women in Industrial Rev War 1812
Reformation Activity Depression
Absolute Monarchs 1920s
Scientific Revolution World War II
Russian Monarchy Video Roanoke
Industrial Revolution  
World War I  

Virtual Museums


The Louvre Acropolis Museum The Vatican Museums The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Tate The Hermitage British Museum Museums in Florence
Rijks Museum Capitoline Museums Rome Prado Museum Museum of Anthropology Mexico
Smithsonian Museums Van Gogh Museum The Guggenheim Museums The Getty Center

Audio and Video

Drop Box Link All Videos
Youtube Wall Street
Youtube Homeless to Harvard Youtube Hiroshima
Youtube Rome Youtube Slavery Youtube Stalin Youtube The Origins of ISIS
Youtube Cold War US History Youtube French Revolution Youtube Slavery in US Youtube Roanoke
Youtube Newton 1 Youtube Letters from WWI Youtube Great Depression Youtube Rasputin
Youtube Newton 2 Youtube Pearl Harbor US History Youtube Spanish American War Youtube 1910s
Youtube Lusitania Youtube Pearl Harbor World History Youtube Ellis Island Youtube 1920s
Youtube French Revolution Youtube Vietnam War Youtube Great Depression and New Deal Youtube 1930s (Economics)
Youtube Amish Youtube The 1930s (US History) Youtube D Day Youtube 1940s
Youtube KKK Youtube Blood Diamonds Youtube Battle Midway Youtube 1950s
Youtube Nixon Watergate Youtube Earth's Atmosphere Youtube Eastern Europe Youtube 1960s
Youtube Scopes Trial Youtube Environment Change Youtube Leonardo Da Vinci Youtube Secrets Sugar
Youtube China Youtube Russia Youtube Speech Rudy Ruttiger Youtube Our Supersized Kids
Youtube Taj Mahal Youtube Story of Earth Youtube Speech of Chris Gardner Youtube Crystal Meth
Youtube Rasputin Youtube Canada Youtube Mental Health Youtube Teens and Alcohol
Documentary Boston Massacre Youtube America before Columbus Audio Self Esteem Youtube Teens and Smoking
Youtube Hiroshima Youtube South America Youtube Teens and Stress Youtube How the Body Works
Youtube Video Reformation Youtube Walmart Youtube Careers for Kids Youtube Expensive Paintings
  Youtube Louis XIV Youtube Career Choices Youtube Ronald Reagan
  Youtube Iraq War Youtube Freakonomics Youtube Branches Govt


History of American Music


Colonial music Rev War - Battle Hymn More WWI Songs WW2: Andrews Sisters
Colonial Music 2 Rev War - Fife Drum Roaring 20s 1950s Rock
Shaker Music African American Music Roaring 20s 2 1950s - Love Potion
French Indian War 1 Civil War 1 Roaring 20s 3 1950s Top Songs
French Indian War 2 Civil War 2 Jazz Georgia Country Western
Rev War 1 Post Civil War Jazz Holiday Beatles
Rev War 2 Spirituals Jazz L Armstrong Beatles Twist
Great Awakening Grace Spirituals 2 Big Bands 30s Bob Dylan
2nd Great Awakening 2 Spirituals Uncle Tom's Cabin Depression1 Bob Dylan 2
2nd Great Awakening 3 Gold Rush Depression 2 1960s Songs
Sing Along Collection Irish Immigrant Songs Depression 3 Mowtown Respect
  Irish Immigrant Songs Jazz Billy Holiday Mowtown Grapevine
  Irish Immigrant Songs Jazz Selection Vietnam
  World War I More WW2 Vietnam2
  Aba Daba WWII: Nazi Anthem Vietnam Satisfaction


Government and Economics

Video and Web Activities

James Madison Limited Govt (YouTube) Econ: ChoiceNerd  
Constitution Legislative Powers (YouTube) Banzai!  
Branches of Gov (Youtube) Bill of Rights (Youtube) Money Management for Teens  
Jump Start: Reality Check Political Systems (YouTube) Tips for Managing your Money  
Consumer Jungle Types of Gov (YouTube) Budgeting and Money Manage Resources  
Declaraton of Independence Slavery & Supreme Court (YouTube)    
White House (Youtube) Federal Power and Balalnces (YouTube)    
Electoral College (Youtube) Bill cartoon (YTube)    
Primary Elections (Youtube) Electoral College cartoon (YouTube)    
Constitutional Concepts Federalist Papers comedy (Youtube)    
Supreme Court Govt videos: various    
Bill of Rights (YouTube) Court system    
Presidents and Constit (YouTube) How Trials Work    
Elections and President (YouTube) Econ: Moneytopia    
Repres Gov (YouTube) Econ: It Adds Up    

Government and Economics

Assignments and Documents

Ben Franklin Econ: Blood Diamonds Poster Jumpstart Reality Check Project Types of Government
Fed Papers Econ: Blood Diamonds Sheet 1 Money Skills Student Power Point Personal Econ
Bill of Rights Econ: Blood Diamonds Sheet 2 Budgeting Guide Project Intl Corporation
Bill of Rights Web Econ: Blood Diamonds Sheet 3 Presidential Powers Video Questions: Walmart
Trial Generic Econ: Blood Diamonds Sheet 4 Legal Brief Video Questions: Freakonomics
Trial Free Speech Poster Fed Reserve Gay Marriage Video Questions Branches of Govern
Trial Work Sheet Iphone project Trial Analysis Video Questions Watergate Nixon
Landmark Court Cases Immigration Investing booklet or poster Video Questions 1930s (Economics)
Elonis vs US Trial Illustrated Bill of Rights Trial Analysis or Court Case Poster Cube Comic Book Outline Economics
Case of school newspaper Economics Websites International Corporation Comic Book 1: The Story of Banks
Case Rock Against Racism Econ: Banzi: Life Scenarios Video Questions Blood Diamonds Economics Comic Book 2: The Federal Reserve
Steps of a Trial Constitution cube Gear Up Project Comic Book 3: Foreign Trade
Create Country Trial Analysis or Court Case Poster University Poster Comic Book 4: Monetary Policy
Econ: My Life in 10 Years Fake News: 10 Questions Video Questions Blood Diamonds Comic book 5: Too Much Too Little
Fake News: Reading and Questions: PBS video Top 10 Fake News Stories Juvenile Justice Packet Design Your Own Business Project

Government and Economics


Federalist Papers for Government      
Bill of Rights Trial Procedures Judicial Branch  
Chpt 1.1 Econ 1: Financial Planning Nixon v US  
Chpt 1.2 Budgeting Voting and Politics  
Chpt 1.3 Econ 3: Investing Introduction to Government  
Chpt 2.1 Econ 4: Credit Enlightenment Government  
Chpt 2.2 Econ 5: Saving Unemployment  
Chpt 2.3 Econ 6: Insurance Political Systems  
Chpt 3.1 Econ 7: Career Business Cycles  
Chpt 3.2 Econ: Understanding Credit Card Circular Flow Economics  
Chpt 3.3 Blood Diamonds Fake News  
Chpt 4.1 Intro to Economics    
Chpt 4.2 Intl Trade    
Chpt 4.3 Stock Market    


Alexander Graham Bell Birth of British Empire    
Galileo Industrial Rev    
Soviet Propaganda Louie Pasteur    
Causes of WWI Marie Curie    
Disney Anti-Nazi cartoon Econ Division of Labor    
Economics Leap Frog Econ The Market    
War Bonds WW2 Bugs Bunny Histeria Civil War    
Econ Principles Rap WW2 and Three Little Pigs    
WWII Propaganda Disney WW1    
Gov Fed vs State Powers Wright Brothers    
French Revolution 1      
French Revolution 2      
Histeria Inventors 1      
Histeria Inventors 2      
Histeria China      


Project Italian Culture Poster Powerpoint Lesson Prelim Powerpoint Lesson 15 Youtube: Numbers 11-100
Project Italian History Poster Powerpoint Lesson 1 Powerpoint Lesson 16 Youtube Greetings
Project Italian Fashion Paper Powerpoint Lesson 2 Powerpoint Adjective Agreement Youtube Definite articles
Project Italian Region Poster Powerpoint Lesson 3 Powerpoint ARE verbs Youtube Time
Project Italian Map Assignment Powerpoint Lesson 4 Powerpoint Passato Prossimo Avere Youtube To Have and To Be
Project Florence cube Powerpoint Lesson 5 Powerpoint Passato Prossimo Essere Youtube ARE verbs
Project Pamphlet Rome Powerpoint Lesson 6 Powerpoint Gladiators Youtube C'e Ci Sono
Project Poster Venice Powerpoint Lesson 7 Youtube Numbers Song Youtube Days of the Week
Worksheet Italian Adjectives Powerpoint Lesson 8 Youtube Numbers 1-10 Youtube ERE verbs
Powerpoint Italian culture Powerpoint Lesson 9 Youtube Reflexive verbs Youtube IRE verbs
Powerpoint Italian History Powerpoint Lesson 10 Youtube Family Youtube Visting Rome
Powerpoint Pompeii Powerpoint Lesson 11 Youtube Past (Passato Prossimo) Youtube Subjunctive
Powerpoint Rome Powerpoint Lesson 12 Youtube Personal Pronouns Youtube Subjunctive 2
Powerpoint Venice Powerpoint Lesson 13 Youtube Gladiators Youtube Superlatives
Powerpoint Florence Powerpoint Lesson 14 Youtube Telling Time Youtube Florence

Geography, Life Skills and Health and Online Textbooks

Life Skills Health Geography Geography US History textbook World History textbook Health texbook Economics and Govt
Video worksheet on Homeless to Harvard Health 14 A PP Canada Geography Diorama Mexico OT Colonization 1 OT Feudalism Peer Pressure The Joy of Economics
Video worksheet on Rudy Health 14 B PP Caribbean Central America Geography European Country OT Colonization 2 OT Renaissance Mental and Emotional Health Principles of Economics
Video worksheet on Persuit of Happiness School Violence Articles PP Caribbean South America Report on Country Geography OT Revolutionary War 1 OT Absolutism Managing Stress Government
5 Steps Setting Goals Pamphlet: Smoking PP Geography Latin America Project European Country OT Revoutionary War 2 OT Enlightenment Mental and Emotional Problems How the US is Governed
Poster University Vitamin Mineral Chart PP Geography of USA Project India OT Civil War 1 OT Africa Violence Prevention The Constitution
Conflict Resolution Poster Drug Abuse PP Northeastern USA Archeology Poster B OT Civil War 2   Family Relationships NY Times Article Ward v Rock
Education Jobs Sheet Poster Alcohol PP Pacific South America Archeology Poster A OT Civil War 3   Fitness Citizenship
Goal Setting Health: Reduce Stress Poster PP Russia Diorama Mexico OT Cold War 1   Nutrition  
University Search Activities Self Esteem PP Southern Europe US Mapping Project OT Cold War 2   Alcohol  
Essay: My Life Bullying PP Southern USA World Population OT Cold War 3   Sexual Diseases  
Character Traits worksheet Video worksheet Teens and Stress PP The Midwest USA Pacific States Travel Pamphlet OT Cold War 4   Tobacco  
Empathy worksheet Youtube Mental Health PP West Central Europe          
Conscience worksheet Video worksheet How Body Works            
Honesty worksheet Video worksheet The Secrets of Sugar            
  Video worksheet Our Supersized Kids            
  Video worksheet Crystal Meth            
  Video worksheet Teens and Alcohol            
  Video worksheet Teens and Smoking