Essay on Your Own History


Imagine MTV has asked to interview you, asking you to tell the viewers what has happened in your life up to now. They will write the script based at least 3 things, good or bad, sad or happy, from your time line. You must explain these three experiences in detail.


Focus on those events or experiences which make you different from other people.


Write at least a 200 word essay on your life, using your time line as a guide. Write at least one full paragraph on each event.


Use correct sentence and paragraph structure.

Your article should have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Write in pen or type.

Each paragraph must have at least 6 complete sentences. More is better.


Outline of Essay:



1-2 paragraphs which tell us what you are going to write about in this paper and why. Tell a little bit about your self, but do not get too specific. Save the specific details for the body of your essay.

Start this section with: I have a very interesting life, filled with many events and facts. I want to share some of the more important things here... Then continue with another 2-5 introductory sentences.



Explain, in detail, each of the 3 events on your time line, using 1-2 paragraphs to explain each one. Tell us why this event is important to you, whether it made you happy or sad, why it made you feel that way, how it helped you grow or change, why it is an important event, and give the details about this event. Use who, what, when, why, where, how.


Who, what, when, why, how:


What happened, why it happened (giving reasons leading up to it), when it happened (circumstances surrounding it), where it took place (details), and how it all happened. Then explain why this event is so important to you. How did it make you feel? Why did it make you feel that way? How did it help you grow or change or mature?



Summarize your main points, restate the 3 most important events, restate in a sentence why each one is important to you.