John Marshall High School

Social Studies Department

Requirements and Expectations


Teacher:         Mr. Nemetz                Web site:



Welcome:  Students can use the past in order to help them understand the present. History can be fun and interesting if it is connected with ones life, present, past, and future.


Course Standard:  Students will develop an appreciation for history, as well as learn writing and artistic skills.


Course Expectations:           


All students will          (1)  Listen attentively.

                                    (2)  Take Cornell notes on lectures, Power points and videos

                                    (3)  Carefully complete written assignments and projects by the due date.

                                    (4)  Bring all materials to class every day.

                                    (5)  Cooperate with each other and with the teacher.


System of Evaluation:      Grades will be based on the percentage value of the total number of points earned.

(1)  Projects:                         Artistic and written

(2)  Class work:                    Class notes and projects

(3)  Home work:                  Students must complete all homework, which includes completion of notes and projects

(4)  Quizzes and tests:         Periodically given, at the end of each quarter

(5)  Final exams:                  At the end of each semester.


No late work accepted.  Exception: excused absences.


Grading Scale

100%     A+           87-89%  B+           77-79%  C+           67-69%  D+           59% or less            F

95-90%  A             85-86%  B             75-76%  C             65-66%  D

90-94%  A-            84-80%  B-            74-70%  C-            64-60%  D-


Materials:       Every student must bring to class every day: text book (covered), a spiral notebook used exclusively for this class, loose leaf paper, pen (blue or black), pencil, 3 ring binder, colored pencils. Students are encouraged to bring: dictionary, atlas, ruler, and small stapler.


Absences and Recuperation work:  It is the responsibility of the student to find out what work he/she has missed if absent.  Work missed is due two days after the return of student. The assignment must have the date(s) of absence written on it in order to receive credit.







Method of teaching


(1) Power point presentations

(2) Note taking, project production

(3) Internet and text research

(4) Video analysis


Classroom Guidelines


Following are my behavior expectations and consequences


(1)        RESPECT:                  Treat others as you want them to treat you.

            RESPONSIBILITY:     Take responsibility for your education.

            COOPERATION:       Listen to teacher, stay in your seat, no food or gum in class, help one another learn.


(2)        Consequences:            Warning

                                                Student/teacher conference, letter of apology.

Phone call home/Detention

                                                Parent/teacher conference

                                                Referral/ Suspension


(3)        Tardies and Truancies will not be tolerated, and will result in lowering of grade, referral to office, parent conference, and other more severe consequences.


Teacher reserves the right to remove the student from class if his/her behavior is impeding learning.


Passes; students are expected to use the restroom between classes, and no passes will be given except in cases of medical necessity.



I have reviewed the course requirements and expectations for Social Studies, and clearly understand the course description, grading policy, behavior expectations and consequences.  I agree to abide by this syllabus throughout the school year.



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