US History: Video and Questions on 1930s: Documentary: PBS Presentation: The Great Depression

1)      What did a lot of people eat during the great depression? A) flour b) beans  c) fruit

2)      Was Roosevelt rich or poor? A) rich b) poor

3)      What was Roosevelt disabled from? A) measles  b) cancer  c) polio

4)      Henry Ford was once voted a) the greatest man in history  b) the richest man in the world  c) the most famous man in the world

5)      In what year did perfect  the assembly line ? a) 1912  b)  1913  c)  1914

6)      What pay raise did Ford offer his workers, per day?  A) $4  b)  $5  c)  $6

7)      In which city was the Ford motor company?  A) Detroit  b) Denver  c) Omaha

8)      How many workers did Ford have during this time?  A) 15,000  b)  23,000  c)  50,000

9)      How many cars per minute were produced at Ford?  A) 3  b)  4  c)  6

10)  Could you buy a Ford on credit? A) yes  b) no

11)  What was the most popular car during this time?  A) Mercedes  b) Beamer  c) Model T

12)  What is the difficulty with an assembly line job?  A) the job controls you  b) you get paid by the piece  c) little job security

13)  To cut costs, what did Ford do? A) increased his worker payrolls  b) paid his workers less  c) took over Chrysler

14)  In which country did Ford create a rubber plant? A) Argentina  b) Brazil  c) Venezuela

15)  Did Ford believe that dancing was a good or bad thing? A) good  b) bad

16)  What did the newspaper in Dearborn attack?  A) Gentiles  b) Foreigners  c) Jews

17)  What did Henry Ford feel about Jews? A) he was against them  b) he supported them  c) he was indifferent

18)  How did people feel about Harry Bennet? A) they liked him  b) they were afraid of him  c) they thought he was a hard worker

19)  In the spring of 1927 what did Ford do? A) shut down his assembly lines  b) opened 5 new factories  c) fired 30,000 workers

20)  Which car came after the Model T? a) Model S  b) Model C  c) Model A

21)  Did the Stock Market crash of 1929 cause the great depression? A) yes  b) no

22)  In 1930, were there federal safety nets for the unemployed?  A) yes  b) no

23)  Who opened the 1930 baseball season? A) Hoover  b) Mayes  c) Ford

24)  In 1930 what was Ford’s income? A) $ 20 million  b) $30 million  c) $40 million

25)  In April 1931, were more people buying cars of fewer? A) more buying  c) fewer buying

26)  Unemployment in Toledo in 1931 was a) 60%  b) 70%  c) 80%

27)  In 1931 when did Ford stop making cars? A) August  b) September  c) October

28)  How many of Detroit’s Mexicans returned to their homeland during the depression? A) ½  b) ¼  c) ¾

29)  How many unemployed councils were in Detroit? A) 10  b) 11  c) 12

30)  How many evictions a day were happening in Detroit? A) 100 b) 150  c) 175

31)  In 1932 what did workers from Ford Motor company do? A) organized a march  b) filed a petition  c) met with Ford

32)  How did Ford respond to his workers? A) had them fired  b) had them shot  c) Had them arrested

33)  How many mourners were part of the funeral march for Ford workers? A) 20,000 b) 10,000 c) 5,000