Lesson Plan Template: Great Depression Project/US History


Standard Addressed:  11.6.2, 3, 4: Causes of the Great Depression, steps taken to combat it, human toll of Depression, and the New Deal


Objective:  Students will be able to describe the causes of the Depression, articulate the steps taken to combat it, and will explain the human toll. Students will also analyze the effectiveness of the New Deal.


Method of delivery of material: PowerPoints, text book, internet


Student tasks: Cornell notes, read text on Depression, research on internet           


Assessment:. Do a project on the Great Depression. Choose TWO of the topics below (Stock Exchange, Causes of Great Depression, Human Toll or New Deal). Use notes, text, and internet as sources of information. Include ibliography. Use 5 W’s (who, what, when, why and how). Make sure and include each of the points listed after each topic.


First, choose two of these topics:


Stock Exchange: What it is, how it works, why it crashed, why so many lost money (4 sections, explained)

Causes of Depression: Economic problems leading to Depression, how people were buying stocks on margin, why the FDIC was put in place. (4 sections, explained)

Human toll of Depression: Hoover’s failed efforts, unemployment, poverty, Dust Bowl. (4 sections, explained)

New Deal: What it was, what it did. Govt relief programs. Hostility to New Deal. (4 sections, explained)


Next, choose one of these projects:


(1) Write 2 newspaper articles. Choose two topics above.  Each article is at least 4 paragraphs (6 sentences each), and covers each of the points listed, explaining each section completely and thoroughly. Format: typed. Extra points given if desktop publishing program used.


(2) Create a Power Point of at least 25 slides. Choose two topics above.  20 of writing and 5 of pictures. Each slide must contain 3 bullet points. If this is plagiarized there will be no credit given.


(3) Make a 10 part poster on the Great Depression, explaining two of the above topics. Each section (white square) must contain at least 6 sentences. Include 2 drawings in two squares. 10 squares total: 8 written (4 on each topic) and 2 drawings. Underline your facts. Plagiarizing will result in no credit. Cover each of the points above, next to your topic.


(4) Student choice: see teacher




Full credit will only be given if students fully explain each topic, containing facts and details.