Video Pearl Harbor US History/Nova/”Attack On Pearl Harbor Documentary - World Documentary” (Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor)


1)      On which day was the US attacked at Pearl Harbor? A) November 7 b) December 7  c) December 8

2)      How many Japanese aircraft dropped bombs at Pearl Harbor? A) 350 b) 300 c) 250

3)      More than half the Americans died on one ship. Which one? A) USS Omaha b) USS Colorado c) USS Arizona

4)      Where is this ship now? A) under the sea b) in a museum  c) in Washington DC

5)      How many Japanese submarines approached Pearl Harbor? A) 5  b) 7  c) 11

6)      How fast did the midget subs travel? A) 19 knots b) 24 knots  c) 30 knots

7)      Did the midget subs have torpedoes? A) yes b) no

8)      What happened to midget sub 1? A) reached Pearl Harbor b) sunk outside Pearl Harbor  c) ran aground

9)      Midget sub 5: began its journey where? A) Kure, Japan  b) Tokyo, Japan c) Hiroshima, Japan

10)  How many midget subs did the Japanese build during the war? A) dozens  b) thousands c ) hundreds

11)  What is the rudder? A) movable fin that steers the sub b) immovable fin that keeps the sub stable  c) the motor mechanism that propels the sub

12)  Before the war did the American military know much about the Japanese midget subs? A) yes  b) no

13)  How many compartments were the midget Japanese subs divided into? A) 7  b) 5  c) 3

14)  What was attached to the bow of the midget subs? A) steering window b) net cutters  c) guidance system

15)  Did Midget sub 5 have torpedoes in its tubes? A) yes  b) no

16)  Who was given vast amounts of credit, by the Japanese media, for the success of the attack on Pearl Harbor? A) the midget sub drivers  b) the Japanese commanders  c) the Japanese emperor

17)  The crust inside the torpedo tubes of midget sub 5 feed on what? A) human remains b) coral species c) metals in salt water

18)  Does the evidence point to the fact that midget sub 5 fire its torpedoes, or not? A) fired torpedoes b) didn’t fire torpedoes

19)  Donald Stratton, on the USS Arizona: how many torpedoes did he see hit the ship? A) 2  b)  3  c)  4

20)  Who was the commander of the Pacific Fleet? A) Patton b) Nimitz  c) Hoover

21)  How much does a torpedo weigh? A) 500 pounds  b) 1 ton  c) 3 tons

22)  The West Virginia took how many torpedo hits? A) 7  b)  5  c) 3

23)  After completing its mission, where did midget sub 5 go? A) Oahu b) West Loch  c) outer Pearl Harbor

24)  Were any maps recovered from the Japanese midget subs? A) yes  b) no

25)  How much of the midget sub 5 is missing? A) 1 foot  b) 5 feet  c) 10 feet

26)  Does the experiment conclude that the midget sub was scuttled on the surface or under water? A) surface  b) under water

27)  May 21 1944: how many people lost their lives in the military accident? A) 100 b) 200 c) 300

28)  How many miles outside Pearl Harbor was midget sub 5 found? A) 5 b) 4 c) 3