1)      In 1936, where were the Olympic games held?

a)      Germany

b)      United Kingdom

c)      Austria

2)      Which country won the 100 meter dash at the Olympics?

a)      USA

b)      Germany

c)      Africa

3)      How many gold metals did Jess Owens win?

a)      2

b)      3

c)      4

4)      What was the most popular magazine during the 1930s?

a)      Life

b)      Time

c)      Newsweek

5)      What was America’s favorite ways to keep up with news events?

a)      Television

b)      Radio

c)      Newspapers

6)      What did the film “Triumph of the Will” make Hitler look like?

a)       A soldier

b)      A president

c)      A god

7)      After how many months after Hitler came to power were books burned in Germany in the streets?

a)      4 months

b)      8 months

c)      11 months

8)      Where was the first concentration camp? Near which town?

a)      Munich

b)      Berlin

c)      Dachau

9)      Were Jews allowed to be citizens in Nazi Germany?

a)      Yes

b)      No

10)  Were Jews treated badly or respectfully by Germans in Austria?

a)      Badly

b)      Respectfully

11)  Joe Lewis was a

a)      Baseball player

b)      Football player

c)      Boxer

12)  By 1938 democracy in Spain was

a)      Doomed

b)      Growing

13)  What was Hitler’s demand regarding the Sudenland?

a)      That it be given independence

b)      That it be handed over to Germany

c)      That it lay down its weapons

14)  On the night of November the 10th 1938, what happened in Germany?

a)      Jewish synagogues and businesses were destroyed

b)      The Jews were shipped out of Germany

c)      The Jews were not allowed to marry Germans from that day forward

15)  The steamship St. Louis arrived in Cuba; what did the Cubans do?

a)      They welcomed the escaping Jews

b)      They refused to let the ship land

c)      They sent the ship to Argentina

16)  Did the United States government allow the steamship St. Louis land in the US?

a)      Yes

b)      No

17)  Who first produced the dishwasher during this time?

a)      General Electric

b)      Maytag

c)      Grundig

18)  During the war, did sales of US flags increase or decrease?

a)      Increase

b)      Decrease

19)  In the Spring of 1940, Hitler turned his lightening war against the countries of

a)      Western Europe

b)      Eastern Europe

c)      Northern Europe

20)  How many weeks did it take for France to fall into German hands?

a)      2 weeks

b)      4 weeks

c)      6 weeks

21)  By which year was history’s deadliest conflict underway?

a)      1939

b)      1940

c)      1941