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1)      On which day in December did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor? A) 7  b) 8  c) 9

2)      In which year did the attack on Pearl Harbor happen? A) 1939  b) 1940  c) 1941

3)      How long did it take the Japanese to prepare for the attack? A) 1 year  b) 2 years  c) 3 years

4)      At which time in the morning were the Japanese given their final orders? A) 4 b) 5:15  c)  6

5)      How many Japanese planes were launched from carriers? A) 194  b) 202  c) 183

6)       At 7:20 a.m. how far was the Japanese fleet from Oahu? A) 210  b) 220  c) 230

7)      Was the first squadron of Japanese planes detected by US radar? A) Yes  b) No

8)      Did the first wave of Japanese bombers only attack Pearl Harbor? A) Yes  b) No

9)      Did the Japanese bomb civilian targets?  A) Yes  b) no

10)  What is the “meatball insignia”? a) the Japanese plan  b) the red circles on Japanese planes  c) the symbol of Japanese emperor’s family

11)  When the battleship Arizona was hit, it sank in how many minutes? A) 30  b) 18  c) 9

12)  Harriet Jones, nurse, was assigned to which hospital ward? A) maternity  b) surgery  c) optical

13)  At 8:50 a.m. which wave of Japanese aircraft came in? a) 1st b) 2nd  c) 3rd

14)  How many dive bombers hit ships in Pearl Harbor? A) 56 b) 58  c) 62

15)  What happened to the Oklahoma? A) It capsized b) it blew up completely  c) it sank immediately

16)  At 10 a.m. how many Japanese planes were lost? A) 49 b) 39 c) 29

17)  Just 4 hours into the Japanese attach, the island is a) on fire b) about to surrender c) invaded by Japanese troops

18)  How many were trapped in the Oklahoma? A) 200 b) 300 c) 400

19)  Did the Japanese bring ground forces? A) yes b) no

20)  Did the Japanese launch a 3rd wave? A) yes b) no

21)  What happened to Japanese Americans? A) they were under surveillance b) they were arrested  c) they were forced to go to Japan

22)  How many American planes were shot down by friendly fire? A) 6 b) 7  c) 8

23)  What did the Japanese prisoner of war request? A) that he be killed b) that he be returned to Japan  c) that he be brought to trial

24)  Did the Japanese use submarines during the attack on Pear Harbor? A) Yes b) no

25)  Were Americans demoralized by the attack? A) yes b) no

26)  On which day of the week were American surveillance planes not in the air? A) Sundays b) Mondays  c) Wednesdays

27)  How many times was the Oklahoma torpedoed? A) 5  b) 7  c) 10

28)  How many ships were restored after the attack? A) 13  b) 14  c) 15

29)  Where does the memorial stand? Over the a) USS Arizona  b) USS Oklahoma  c) USS Missouri