State Standard addressed: 10.10 Students analyze instances of nation-building in the contemporary world in at least two of the following regions or countries: the Middle East, Africa, Mexico and other parts of Latin America, and China.

1.        Understand the challenges in the regions, including their geopolitical, cultural, military, and economic significance and the international relationships in which they are involved.

2.        Describe the recent history of the regions, including political divisions and systems, key leaders, religious issues, natural features, resources, and population patterns.

3.        Discuss the important trends in the regions today and whether they appear to serve the cause of individual freedom and democracy.



Assignment: Construct a literary cube on China. Write complete sentences and no white showing on each side of cube. Use your Cornell notes from the Power Point as well as your own research. Your teacher will show you how to make the cube.

Panel 1

Explain 3 facts about the history of China. Underline facts. 4 sentences minimum.

Panel 2

Explain China becoming communist. 2-3 facts. 4 sentences minimum. Draw a picture and color it.

Panel 3

Explain the Chinese cultural revolution, then and now. 4-6 sentences. Underline facts, at least 2 facts.

Panel 4

Explain what happened in Tiananmen Square in 1989. 5 sentences. Underline at least 3 facts.

Panel 5

Explain the economic development of China. 5 sentences. 3 facts underlined.

Panel 6

Draw and color a map of China.