Project: Poster on European country (see teacher)

Assignment: make a 6 part pamphlet on a European country of your choice. Include the following information on each page. Underline your facts. Each section must contain 8-10 sentences explaining 2-3 facts. You must write in pen or type. You must include 3 drawings on 3 of the pages.

Cover: Title and map

1st section: Geography

Include: landforms, resources, bodies of water, climate and agriculture

2nd section: Culture

Include: population, and explain the main religions there as well as the language and important feast or festival days.

3rd section: Vacation Destinations

Include important places where tourists go, what there is to see and do, why people are interested in going there.

5th section: Economics

Include the main industries there, the unemployment rate and what you country imports and exports.

6th section: History

Include the history of your country.