Lesson 14: Refusal Skills


Handout 14-B

No Means NO!


Although “no means no” sometimes people have a difficult time understanding or

accepting no as an answer. Having a variety of approaches for different situations can

lead to a less stressed, healthier and happier life.


In the following scenarios, choose the best answer for you.


1. You are at a dance with your friends when they decide to buy some ecstasy for


What do you do?


a)      You have $20 and it won’t hurt to try it once, right?

b)      Tell them you do not have $20 and you really just came to dance.

c)      Tell them ecstasy is illegal and that you are going to call the police.


Explain your answer in 3 or more sentences (on another piece of paper, in your notebook, with this stapled to the other side of it).


2. You and your friends are going to the movies. An older guy from high school,

offers you all some acid. When you try to get out of it by saying you do not have

the extra money, one of your friends offers to give you the money.


a)      You say you do not want to borrow money so you will just skip it this time.

b)      Take the acid from your friend and throw it away when no one is looking.

c)      Tell your friends you do not like the way acid makes you feel.


Explain your answer in 3 or more sentences in your notebook.


3. You have been dating this girl for a month. She wants to have sex with you but

you are reluctant because you have heard wild stories about things she has done.

She tells you she is going to break-up with you if you do not have sex. You really

think she is pretty and like her a lot, what do you do?


a)      Go ahead and have sex with her.

b)      Ask her about the stories you have heard and tell her your concerns about STDs

c)      She is not the only girl out here, forget about her and move on.


Explain your answer in 3 or more sentences in your notebook.



4. One afternoon after school while with your friends someone pulls out a joint.

You sit with your friends at the bus stop as the joint gets passed around and you

begin to panic. What do you do when it’s your turn?


a)      Tell them you’re allergic to it.

b)      Tell them you forgot about an errand you were supposed to do and that you have to


c)      Tell them you have to use the bathroom; taking extra time so they will be done with

the joint when you get back.

Explain your answer in 3 or more sentences in your notebook.