World History A/Alternative Assignment for Middle Ages (Unit 1, # 3 on contract)


Name: __________________________________________________


Look up the following information online and follow the directions:


Write at least 3 sentences explaining and defining the meaning of each word and idea:


1.      Feudalism




2.      Manor





3.      Chivalry




4.      frontier





5.      serf






6.      excommunication





7.      common law





8.      crusade





9.      plague





10.  longbow









11.  Charlemagne





12.  High Middle Ages





13.  William the Conqueror




14.  King John of England




15.  Thomas Becket





16.  Holy Roman Empire





17.  Concordat of Worms





18.  Pope Urban II





19.  Joan of Arc





Write at least 4 sentences for each answer to the questions below:


1.      Why did feudalism develop in the Middle Ages?






2.      Describe the economy of a medieval manor.







3.      How would you describe the Church in the late Middle Ages?






4.      Why was the Magna Carta important?






5.      What new weapons was used during the Hundred Years War? (explain who used what)






6.      Explain how the Black Plague came to Europe