Five Steps to Setting a Goal


1. Write down your goal. Be as specific as possible. Close your eyes as you ponder the following questions: What will it look like when you are successfully accomplishing this goal? What will be different in your life? What will this feel like? Who will witness your accomplishments? What might these accomplishments lead to? (If possible, students will close their eyes as the teacher quietly asks these questions, giving them time to reflect and envision their ideas). Now take time to write the responses you envisioned to the above questions.



2. List three reasons for wanting to attain this goal. Knowing why you want to accomplish your goal will help reinforce your motivation during the process. The more powerful the reason, the more motivated you will be.



3. Outline the specific steps you must take to achieve your goal. The more specific and incremental the steps are, the easier it will be to tackle the goal. This exercise can be done in the form of a list, diagram, or other visual representations that help you envision what must be done over the next several months.



4. Describe the obstacles you might encounter during this process. How might you handle these obstacles?



5. Create a timeline for yourself. Include deadlines for your incremental steps, along with your overall goal.