Conflict Resolution

Your answers must be at least 4 sentences each.

1. Describe, in your own words, what a “conflict” is and give one example.

2. Do the conflicts here at school sometimes get violent? Why? Are these things really worth getting violent over? Is it okay to get violent? What's bad about violence?

3. Have you ever gotten into a fight because you were upset about something else?
- What happened?
- How did you feel afterward?
- What did you learn from that?

4. When somebody says something insensitive to you, should you confront him/her on it? What's a good way to do that without starting a fight?

5. Have you ever said something in the heat of an argument that you regretted later? What happened?

6. Do you find it easy or difficult to apologize when you are wrong? Why is that?

7. When is it okay to hit another person?

8. Why are some people violent?

9. Why do some people get so angry when somebody says something insulting about their mother?

10. Some of the kids in the video said that violence is just something you have to get used to because it happens all the time. What do you think of that kind of an attitude? Is it a good idea to get used to violence? Why, or why not?

11. One girl in the video claimed there is nothing she can do to prevent becoming personally involved in a violent confrontation. Do you think she's right? What would you tell her if she said that to you.

12. How does it make you feel when you see people hurting each other in a fight?

13. Whose responsibility is it to prevent violence?
(Tip: It's yours, because you are the only person you have control over.)

14. Do you think there's something wrong with someone who will just walk away from a fight?

15. Some people think it's very hard to just walk away from a fight. Why do they feel that way? Do you agree? What could you do to make it easier for yourself to walk away.

16. What are the benefits of resolving conflicts in a peaceful and positive way?

17. Have you ever gotten into a disagreement with a friend and it got way out of hand? What happened? Was it worth it? What did you learn from it? What would you do differently now?