Diorama project on India


Your diorama is divided into 4 parts, which the teacher will show you. Each part should contain the information requested by this assignment.

You will make a diorama on India.




a) A drawing of an important monument or building in your country, labeled where it can be found and the date when it was built.

b) Choose and explain only one of the important past kingdoms or dynasties in this country. 6 sentences minimum. Include: When the kingdom/dynasty started, what its source of wealth was and why, who were its famous leaders, how long it lasted, why it declined, what that area is like today.

c) Explain one problem facing this country today. What is the problem, why is it a problem, and how it is being solved, if it is. 3 sentences minimum.

d) Explain one tradition in this country which is different from ours and describe it in detail. It could  be: marriage, property, money, religion, raising children or any other difference. 3 sentences minimum.