Education and jobs

Find out how much education is required for specific jobs. You will find the information on the internet. Students must use AT LEAST 5 different websites, a different website for each category. You must indicate the website where you found the information following this format:

Authorís last name, first name. "Title of item." [Online] Available 

http://address/filename, date of document or download.


DiStefano, Vince. "Guidelines for Better Writing." [Online] Available, October 5, 2004.

Education level

2 job titles

Hourly and yearly wages

Detailed job description. 3 sentences each job

Describe whether you want this job and why/why not. 4 sentences

2 separate websites where you got your information

No High school diploma






High school diploma






2 years community college or vocational school






4 year degree






Graduate or advanced degree