Goal Setting


1.    Do you ever set goals for yourself? What are some goals you have right now (short term and long-term)? 3-5 sentences.




2.    What's the difference between a wish and a goal? 2 sentences or more.




3.    How do you decide what your goals are?  3 or more sentences.



4.    Is it ever okay to take risks? What kinds of risks are okay? What kinds of risks are not okay? 3-4 sentences.



5.    What's the difference between failing and being a failure?  2 sentences at least.



6.     What is success? Explain in 3 sentences or more.


7.     Is it a good idea to set goals? Why, what do goals do for you? 3 or more sentences.

8.     Imagine that some day you will have children. Write a letter of advice for them to read when they reach the age you are right now. Tell them about the goals you had at this age, and what those goals did for you. Tell them about taking risks - what kinds of risks are good to take and what kind aren't. And tell them how to deal with failure and disappointment so they won't be discouraged when things don't work out the way they want. 10 or more sentences.