Russian Revolution Mini Book Project


10.7 Students analyze the rise of totalitarian governments after World War I.

1.†††††††† Understand the causes and consequences of the Russian Revolution



For each section, include at least 2 paragraphs (3 sentences each) and a colored picture on the same page.

Do not leave any white in picture or use stick people.

Explain each section completely, in your own words, without plagiarizing.

Each page must have at least 2 underlined facts.


Project: Make a mini book explaining the Russian Revolution. Include:


1)      Nature of Marxism (Who was Karl Marx, what did he do, what did he write about)


2) Czar: problems (Explain why he lost the respect of the Russians, and the role of Rasputin)


3) Mensheviksvs. Bolsheviks (Explain who the Mensheviks were, who the Bolsheviks were, and why they didnít get along. You will have to look this one up)


4) Lenin: what he promised and what he did (What he promised to the Russian people, and what he did once he got into power)


5) Civil War (Describe the war between the Reds and the Whites: who each group were, why they were fighting, how long the war lasted, which side the USA supported and why)


6) Execution of Czar and questions surrounding it (Where the Czar was brought after he was arrested, why and how he was killed. Tell how the story of Anastasia arose from the circumstances of the killing)


7) Triumph of communism (Write about when communism took over Russia and how it changed the lives of the Russian people)