Project: Travel pamphlet on Pacific States (chapter 15 in Geography book)

Assignment: make a 6 part travel pamphlet on the Pacific states. Include the following information on each page. Underline your facts. Each page must contain 8-10 sentences plus a colored drawing (no white). You must write in pen or type. Each page must include at least 3 underlined facts.

Cover: Title (The Pacific States), your name, and a drawing of the 5 states/cities.

Page 1: California

Include: landforms, resources, vacation destinations and industries.

Page 2: Los Angeles

Include: population, problems in Los Angeles, why you like or dislike Los Angeles and fun things to do in Los Angeles area that other cities donít have. Be specific.

Page 3: Oregon and Washington

Include landforms, climate, agriculture, fun things to do and industry.

Page 4: Alaska

Include landforms, trade, the people, fun things to do.

Page 5: Hawaii

Include climate, geography, fun things to do, and the history of the islands.