Name: ____________________________________________   Per #:____


Chosen Drug to Research: ______________________________ (you CANNOT choose marijuana).




RESEARCH:  go to this website, select your drug topic and answer the questions below:


From the “Drug Fact Sheet Quick Links”, pull down then select your drug topic. Next, answer the following questions COMPLETELY.


  1. What IS this drug (short description)? (3-5 sentences)







  1. What are the three most COMMON names teens call this drug (slang)?




  1. How do people take (abuse) this drug? (5 sentences. Explain)





  1. How does this drug affect its users? (3-5 sentences)






  1. Why is this drug dangerous? (include overdose consequences). (6-9 sentences)




  1. What are the warning signs of an overdose (OD) with this drug? (3-5 sentences)





  1. What are the long-term effects of abusing this drug? (5 or more sentences)






  1. List three extra facts about this drug NOT already asked about on this fact sheet.






















PROJECT: Create a poster using the facts you found.


***Poster should include: drug name and common (slang) names for this drug, a description of what this drug looks like and how people abuse it, overdose consequences (3-5) and signs of overdose (3-5). Your Poster should include A title (drug name), drawings of the drug and people suffering from its addiction (cutout pictures or printouts are NOT acceptable). Lastly, hotline “help” phone number(s) and “911” should be listed for help with treatment and overdose situations, respectively. INCLUDE THIS NUMBER: “The Teen Line” (800) TLC-TEEN (852-8336).


Staple this sheet, with the answers, to the back of your poster.


Title and drawing of the drug

Slang names for drug (at least 3 sentences)

Description of this drug (at least 3 sentences)

How people abuse this drug (at least 6 sentences)

Signs of overdose of this drug (at least 4 sentences)

Overdose consequences of this drug (at least 5 sentences)

Drawing of people suffering from addiction

At least 3 hotline help numbers, besides 911.