Poster on teens and alcohol use. Use your book and the internet for information. Include title in each square. Use these websites:  And use:


Explain why alcohol use is an important topic for teens.


5 sentences

Include 2 underlined facts (from book or internet)

Explain why teens begin to drink and how it affects them physically, socially, academically and emotionally.


5 sentences

Include 3 underlined facts

Describe solutions to this health problem and how each student, parents,  and the school as a whole can tackle this problem.


5 sentences

Include 4 underlined facts.

Explain where teens who abuse alcohol  can get help.


Describe this help; include addresses, times and phone numbers. Include Alcoholics Anonymous as well as other programs.


5 sentences

Include 4-5 facts, underlined.

Make a drawing of the problem.

Make a drawing of your solution.