1. Choose a country that you donít know too much about (get the teacherís approval). You must copy the questions and then write the answers.


2.Do research on your country. Use at least 3 websites. Include bibliography (see website for how to write a bibliography).


3. Produce a report on your country. Include:


A. Cover: Design a cover - include a picture and the countryís name


B. Page 1: Draw a map of the country.

What countries and/or oceans is it near? 2 sentences.

What continent is it in? 1 sentence.


C. Page 2: Draw the flag of your country.

Describe the flag design in writing. 3 sentences.


D. Page 3: Explain this history of your country. 2 paragraphs (6 sentences each).


E. Page 4. What is the native dress of your country? What food do they eat? What religions do people practice? Give specific facts. 2 paragraphs, facts underlined.


F. Page 5: Explain the political system of your country, and describe the life of the people in this country today. What does the government do for its people? 2 paragraphs.


4. Along with your report, choose one of the following. Use the information you researched above.

a) Make a mini-poster about your country; 4 written parts plus drawing. See teacher

b) Make a pamphlet about your country; title page, then 5 written sections, 5 sentences on each page; 2 drawings; see teacher

c) Make a power point about your country; 15 slides, 10 of writing, 5 of pictures; see teacher

C. Make a diorama about your country; 1 drawing, 1 section of 6 sentences; 2 sections of 3 sentences; see teacher