Trial Analysis

1)      Free speech and flag burning. US vs. Eichman, 1990

2)      Gun control and the states. Printz v. US, 1997

3)      Regulating religions. Watchtower Bible v. Village of Straton

4)      PCongress regulating discrimination. Heart of American Atlanta Motel v. US, 1964

5)      . Can some groupís freedoms be limited during war? Korematsu v. US, 1944

6)      Does a suspectís fleeing from police justify a stop and search? Illinois v. Wardlow, 200

7)      . May public universities consider race in admissions? Grutter v. Bollinger, etc, 2003




Use the internet for your research.

Write an explanation of the trial documents. Follow the outline below.


a) What was the trial about? (Complete explanation, 1 paragraph)

b) What evidence and testimony (for and against) was presented in the trial? (At least 2 paragraphs, presenting evidence/testimony clearly)

c) What is your opinion of the evidence/testimony? (Give reasons: 1-2 paragraphs)

d) What verdict was reached? Why was this verdict reached? What was the verdict based on? (1 paragraph)

e) Was this verdict just or unjust? Why or why not? (1 paragraph)

f) What lesson does this trial have for us today? (1 paragraph)

g) What impact on civil rights did this ruling have? (1 paragraph)

h) Include bibliography: use at least 3 web sites. Do not plagiarize. Use the bibliography format that I gave you.



Include Bibliography at the end. Write questions and answers.