University Search

1)      Name the university where you would like to attend some day

2)      Where is the campus located? Full address

3)      What is the student population?

4)      What is this university known for?

5)      What is the percentage of foreign and American students?

6)      How much does it cost to go to this university?

7)      How much money does the university distribute in scholarships every year?

8)      How do you apply to this university? Go through step by step.

9)      How do you apply for financial aid?

10)   What would you have to do in high school to get accepted to this university? Be specific (grades, activities, classes)

11)   One you get accepted to this university, what would you need to do to pass all ofyour classes? (Some students drop out of college because they canít keep up)

12)   What type of schedule would you make for yourself in attending college, taking 12 units (4 classes, 4 hours per week each)

13)   What must your GPA be in high school to get accepted into this university?

14)   For your college acceptance essay, in which you would write about your life experience, what would you write about and why?