University Poster

Make a poster of the university of your choice. Include the following information:

Name of University

What makes this university special. Include:

a)      What the campus is like

b)      Which are its best departments

c)       What sports of activities it offers

Include at least 6 sentences here

Financial Aid. Include:

a)      How much is tuition

b)      How much does it cost to live in the dorm

c)       What financial aid is available

d)      What percentage of the student population receives financial aid

6 sentences at least


Draw at least one building on the campus with students standing around

Acceptance process.

a)      Describe the step by step process of applying to this university

b)      Include deadlines

c)       Include high school requirements


a)      Choose a major at this university and list all the required  classes from freshmen through senior year


a)      Which cultural events (plays, music, museums, etc) does the university offer?

b)      Which cultural events are available around the university