Econ websites


1)      Webquest on Great Depression:

2)      Internet activating and online quiz on Supply and Demand:

3)      Reality Check site to calculate personal expenses. Fun.

4)      High School financial planning program: excellent!

5)      Stock Market Game for students in computer lab:

6)      Online games and activities for personal finance:

7)      Money Skill online personal finance course:

8)      Banzai: Great computer based program.

9)      Game: create a card. Using money.

10)   Info on buying a car or house:

11)   Money management online program:

12)   Lesson plan on Iphone and stocks. Video and then computer lab time.

13)   FoolProof: completely  web contained program, using online videos, of personal finance. Looks great but will take time.

14)   Free lesson plans (Univ of Arizona):

15)   Teens guide to money, written by a teen. Interesting but no assignments on it.