Project: International Corporation


Goal:Learn about other countries: their economies, population, people, geography, transportation, and communications.


You have just been hired in the international division of a multinational corporation that makes consumer goods to become an expert on other countries. Your first assignment is to prepare a report on a country in Asia (China, Taiwan, or South Korea, your choice). Your company is considering building a branch plant to produce a consumer good in this country. To get the facts, you hop on the Web and start with the CIA Factbook of information about all countries. After following the links to the latest Factbook, you want to collect the following information for your report. You must copy each of these questions and provide the answer in 2 sentences or more.

You must explain all the facts and the vocabulary. If you use words that you do not understand you will not receive credit for the project.


1)      Where is the country located and what is its physical size? Is it larger or smaller than your country?

2)      How many people live there? Since your company's product is sold to adults, how many adults live there?

3)      Compare its climate to the climate where you live. Is it hotter? Is it dryer? What kind of crops are grown there?

4)      Is the government a democracy? If not, what is it? Who is the current head of the government?

5)      What kind of an economy does it have:


a)      primarily market-based or centrally planned?

b)      Is it a rich or poor country? What is the GDP per capita? Compare this to your own country.

c)      What is the unemployment rate? Is unemployment a problem in this country? Explain.

d)     What are the major natural resources of the country? What are the major industries? Is there a connection between its natural resources and the products it makes?

e)      What is the country's money called? How much of your own country's money could you get for one of this country's unit of money?

f)       If your company put a branch operation there, would it be satisfied with the communications system? Do most people in the country have telephones, for example?

6)      Search the web to find out more information about the country. End your report with a recommendation to your boss about building a new plant there. 10 sentences, using the facts you have found.