My life in 10 years. Make a poster, describing each of these areas with at least 3 sentences each box. Then draw and color a picture of each scene (no white showing, no markers, no stick people; write in pen and draw in pencil.


Educational level (College, your degree, your major)

Career (What you want to do for career, why, and how much it would pay)

House or apartment (Will you live in a house, condo, or apartment? Why? How much will it cost in the area you want to live?)

Car (What type of car you will drive, how much does it cost, today, and calculate the monthly payments if you put $1,000 down)

Recreation (What will you do for fun in 10 years? Why? With whom?)

Married or single (Explain your choice, and children or not and why?)

Financial situation (How much will  you earn in 10 years? Look up your career online and find out in today’s salary. Explain why you think you will earn that amount)

City where you live (Describe this city and the part of that city, and explain why you want to live there. Find the median home price)