Poster on conflict diamonds


Include Title in each square


What are diamonds?


Explain what diamonds are, how they are formed, and where most diamonds are found today.


5 sentences

Diamond conflict history.


Explain this history of the diamond conflict in Sierra Leon; include the groups fighting in the past, how this affected the people. What is the current situation?


5 sentences.



De Beers: Explain the history of this company, how it controls the diamond market and how it keeps diamond prices high.


5 sentences

Connections: diamonds and human rights abuses.


Explain the connection between conflict diamonds and human rights abuses as well as terrorism. Give examples, facts.


5 sentences.

Kimberly Process.


Kimberly process:

Explain how the Kimberly process came about, how it works, and what are its strengths and weaknesses.


5 sentences.

Draw and color a map of Africa and highlight the diamond producing areas.