Government/Video/Contract Unit 1

You tube Video on Branches of Government (Good Question: What are the Three Branches of Government)


1)      Where is the original U.S. constitution? A) Philadelphia  b) New York  c) Washington DC

2)      How many people each year visit this document in its glass display case? A) Over 1 million  b) Over 2 million  c) Over 3 million

3)      Many constitutions say how a country’s leaders will be selected and what type of _________ those people have. A) Power  b) Number of votes c)  Financial backing

4)      Before constitution countries had what?  A) Chaos  b) Codes of law  c) An authoritarian figure

5)      Were laws always written down?  A) Yes  b) No

6)      The oldest constitution was written by which country?  A) San Marino  b) Italy  c) Great Britain

7)      In the Articles of Confederation did the colonies agree to protect each other or not?  A) Yes  b) No

8)      Under the Articles of Confederation, the colonies used the same money  a) True  b) False

9)      Daniel Shays was upset because he had to go to court because A) He stole something  b) He was in debt  c) He attacked the president

10)  Was Daniel Shays pardoned for his crime? A) Yes  B) No

11)  In 1886 where did Alexander Hamilton meet? A) Philadelphia B) Boston  C) Annapolis

12)  Who was the father of the constitution? A) George Washington B) James Madison  C) Ben Franklin

13)  What was the Virginia Plan? A) The number of representatives sent to congress depends on population of the state  B) The number of representatives sent to congress is the same for each state

14)  The bigger states supported the a) Virginia Plan  c) New Jersey Plan

15)  The New Plan was called the ______   a) The Great Agreement  b) The Two Party System  c) Great Compromise

16)  How many black men and women were in the country at the time? A) Over 600,000 b) Over 700,000  c) Over 800,000

17)  An enslaved person was counted as what percent of a person?  A( 2/3 b) 3/5 c) 4/10

18)  When the constitutional convention was over Benjamin Franklin said that: A) A better constitution should be approved in the future  b) a better constitution could not be written  c) This was a poorly written constitution

19)  How many articles were in the original constitution? A) 5  b) 6  c)  7

20)  In the constitution, can a state declare war?  A) Yes  b) No

21)  Did the delegates think the constitution was perfect?  A) Yes  b) No

22)  The preamble is: a) what begins the constitution  b) What ends the constitution

23)  What is the goal of the 3 branch government? A) To make sure the president has authority over the congress b) To make sure that the king of England would not be able to take over the USA again  c) To make sure one part doesn’t have too much power

24)  Congress has how many different houses? A) 2  b) 3  c) 4

25)  Which house depends on population of the state? A) House of representatives  b) Senate

26)  Once a bill passes through congress it goes to   a) The Vice president  b) The Speaker of the House  c) the president

27)  What is a veto? A) When congress refuses to approve a bill  b) When the president refuses to sign a bill  c) When the senate refuses to work with the President

28)  Which state has the most electors in the elector college? a) New York  b) California  c) New Jersey

29)  Who is in charge of the arms forces? A) The Vice President b) The Pentagon  c) The president

30)  Who is the country’s chief diplomat? A) The Vice President  b) The president c) The Supreme Court

31)  The Supreme Court is which branch of government? A) Judicial  b) Legislative  c) Congressional

32)  How long is the term of a judge on the Supreme Court? A) For 18 years  b) until the president’s term ends  c) For life

33)  How many Supreme Court justices are there? A) 5  b) 7  c) 9

34)  Who was the only president to serve on the Supreme Court? A) Johnson b)  Taft  c) Roosevelt

35)  How many delegates signed the constitution? A) 39  b) 42  c) 57

36)  Did George Mason sign the constitution? A) Yes b) No

37)  What percentage of the states had to approve the constitution? A) 9/10  b) ¾  c) 2/3

38)  Which was the first state to approve the constitution? A) Indiana  b) Delaware  c) Maine

39)  What year did George Washington take the oath of president? A) 1787 b) 1788 c) 1789

40)  How many terms can a president serve today? A) 2 b) 3  c) 4

41)  Can the constitution be changed?  A) Yes  b) No

42)  Have 2/3 of the states ever voted to amend or change the constitution? A) Yes b) No

43)  How many amendments were added to the Constitution at the beginning, known as the Bill of Rights? A) 8  b) 9  c) 10

44)  Is the constitution a living or dead document? A) Living  b) Dead

45)  What is the people’s duty towards the constitution? A) Learning about it  b) voting  c) Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance

46)  Which amendment set the voting age at 18? A) 18th b) 22nd c) 26th