Activities on Self Esteem


Reading: (read this first)


People with high self-esteem:


Do better in school

Have an easier time making friends

Have better relationships with adults and peers

Are more likely to stick with something until they succeed

Feel more control of their lives

Find it easier to deal with disappointment

Enjoy life more”)


There’s always room for improvement when it comes to self-esteem. For the next 7 days, take a few moments each evening to reflect positively on who you are, what you’ve accomplished during the day, or things that made you happy. Write these thoughts on notes and stick them to your mirror, door, bed, or other visible place. Read them aloud to yourself to remind yourself that you are special, especially when the day didn’t go your way. After a week, reflect on how you feel about yourself. It’s never too late to build healthy, positive self-esteem!



Activity 1: Answer each question with at least 5 sentences


1. What mental picture do you have of yourself? How do others perceive you? Are

these perceptions similar?







2. What are self-image and self-esteem? How does your self-esteem develop? How

does each affect the way you act and how others perceive and treat you?







3. How can having high self-esteem affect your life? How can having low self-esteem

affect your life? Why do some teens have low self-esteem?







4. Has someone ever said something to you about the way you looked that hurt

your feelings? Discuss how family and friends can influence a person’s self-esteem.








5. Can your self-esteem change? What kinds of things can you do to improve your






Activity 2: Self-Esteem Hotline


Directions: Give advice to each of the four callers on how to improve their self-esteem. Write at least 10 sentences for each call.


1)      “No matter what I do, I don’t look like the girls in my magazines. I’m short, I have curly hair

and my mom won’t let me wear makeup or straighten my hair. I wish I could look as pretty as

the models in my magazines. Any advice on how I can feel better about myself?”

—Curly Sue


Dear Curly Sue,













2)      “My dad is really mad at me because I got a B- in math. I usually get A’s, but I just started on the track team and I got a part-time job.

Now my dad wants me to quit my job and the track team! I guess I can’t do it all. Help!”

—Running Scared


Dear Running Scared,












Call 1

Personal Health Series



3)      “I tried out for the basketball team for the past 2 years and was cut both times. All my friends

are on the team and now I have nothing to do after school. I used to think I was good at

basketball, but I guess I really stink. Maybe I should just forget about sports.”

—Sports Skunk


Dear Sports Skunk,














4)      “I really want to go to college to be a nurse, but my grades haven’t been so great this year. I probably can’t get into nursing school.

Nursing school is probably too hard anyway. What should I do?”



Dear Non-Nurse,

Call 3

Call 4

Personal Health Series