Worksheet on bullying (use other side if necessary)


1)      Describe, in your own words, what “bullying” means. 2-3 sentences.





2)      Describe when you have either seen someone bullied, or been a participant. What happened, why did it happen, what did you do and what did the person being bullied do? 5-6 sentences






3)      What is “cyber bullying”? 2-3 sentences






4)      What type of people usually bully others? 2-3 sentences




5)      What type of people are usually bullied and why? 2-3 sentences




6)      Do high school students bully or make fun of others who they believe are gay? Explain. 3-4 sentences





7)      Why do you think it is so important for many high school students to “fit in”? 3-4 sentences





8)      As a high school students what is your greatest fear? 3-4 sentences






9)      If you witnessed a situation of bullying at school, what could you do about it? 4-5 sentences.