Mental illness/The Truth About Depression (5/24/2016)


1)      Who is immune to depression? A) wealthy people b) white females c) no one

2)      What is the chance that depression will affect you? A) 1 in 4 b) 2 in 5c) 3 in 10

3)      Why do people hide their depression? A) they want to fit in b) they are judged to be weak c) they are trying to get better jobs

4)      Is Cathal frightened to say out loud that he has a mental illness? A) yes b) no

5)      What is one of the main centers in the UK for brain imaging? A) University of Oxfordb) University of Cambridgec) University of Manchester

6)      In depressed people the hippocampus is bigger or smaller? A) bigger b) smaller

7)      Is there evidence that depression actually exists in the brain? A) yes b) no

8)      In the past, people with depression were called: a) a) village fool b) crazies c)lunatics

9)      When did Heatherís depression begin? A) when she got married b) when she lost her jobc) when she became pregnant

10)  Electric convulsive therapy: does it have a good or bad reputation? A) good b) bad

11)  Is Cathal wealthy or poor? A) wealthy b) poor

12)  Did Cathal ever drink alcohol? A) yes b) no

13)  Susan, who suffers from depression in the film, has which job? A) an actress b) a secretary c) a teacher

14)  How many people are cured by anti depressants? A) 6-7 out of 10 b) 3-4 out of 10c) 7-8 out of 15

15)  In Northern Ireland how many prescriptions for anti depressants were written in 1 year? A)1 million b) 1.5 million c)2 million

16)  Depression robs someone of a) memory b) emotionc) family

17)  Denise: how many years ago did she experience depression? A) 23 b) 19c) 14

18)  What was Deniseís job? A) a teacher b) a secretary c) an actress

19)  For Anne Lennon, does she feel like she can put herself back together? A) No b) Yes

20)  When Heather got the help she needed, the therapy worked or didnít work? A) it worked b) it didnít work

21)  Who paid for Heatherís treatment? A) her husband b) her family c) her church

22)  What do depressed peopleís brain do to negative images? A) exaggerate them b) diminish themc) color them

23)  Part of the depressed personís brain is more susceptible to a) positivity b) stimulationc) negativity

24)  According to a study, Northern Ireland has the highest rate in the world of a) suicide b) post traumatic stress syndromec) mental health problems in general

25)  At the Everton center, is in the middle of which areas? A) English and French b) protestant and catholic c) British and German

26)  Most of the people using the Everton center are men or women? A) men b) women

27)  If your parents were affected by depression, the chances are higher or lower that you will be too? A) higher b) lower

28)  According to the school children: Is depression a disease? A) yes b) no

29)  What type of things to people get in England that they donít get in Northern Ireland? A) Access to health care and hospitals b) access to mental health services c) access to medication

30)  If you go back to the 1960s, we made a jump from: a) Electric shock to psychiatry b) stigmatized disorder to one that is not c) mental disorder to physical disorder

31)  How does Chattel get through the day? A) by not thinking about itb) by drinkingc) careful planning

32)  What is a big part of Chattelís life? A) sport b) his wifec) parties

33)  Psychiatrists say that most depression can be cured in how many months? A) 3-6 b) 6-12c) 12-18