Italian culture Poster Project

Art in Italy


Choose two important Italian artists and tell about their life, the world in which they lived, and their art.


Write at least 6 sentences in each paragraph and underline at least 2 facts. Underline your facts.


2 paragraphs

Religion in Italy


Describe the history of the Catholic church in Italy, from the Roman Empire, Middle Ages, Renaissance, until today. Include at least 3 important names, and include dates and places.


2 paragraphs

Italian food


Describe at least two food dishes that are popular in northern Italy, and two others popular in southern Italy. Do not include spaghetti or pizza.


Include the basic recipe for one of the dishes.


2 paragraphs

Drawing of Italy


Draw and color (no white) a map of Italy. Include the major cities.


You must draw and color this picture. No credit is given if you print it out

Ancient Rome


Describe the beginnings of Ancient Rome (story of Romulus and Remus, who Julius Caesar was and why he is still remembered, and the life of the first Emperor, Caesar Augustus.


3 paragraphs



Describe the educational system in Italy, from primary school until university. Find the Italian words for each level of school.


Find out the first university in Italy and describe itís history, including names, dates and facts.


2 paragraphs