Italian region Poster Project (choose one Italian region. See teacher)



Describe the history of your region from the beginnings of recorded history there until today. Include names, dates and facts.


Write at least 6 sentences in each paragraph and underline at least 2 facts. Underline your facts.


2 paragraphs



Describe the main industries and jobs in your region. Describe also the economic level of most of its residents. Include names and locations.


2 paragraphs



Describe the foods that are connected to your region, especially the dishes that are favorites there.



1 paragraph

Drawing of food or costume


Draw and color (no white) either one of the main dishes made in your region, or the traditional costume of your region.


You must draw and color this picture. No credit is given if you print it out

Festivals and holidays


Describe the special festivals and saints days celebrated in your region. Explain how they are celebrated and what they mean.


2 paragraphs

Culture (music, art, etc)


Describe the traditional music in your region, and/or the art and famous artists from your area. Or, describe the modern culture there (fashion, etc)


2 paragraphs