World History B

Video (YouTube and DVD) China: Engineering an Empire

1)      What was the monument that would change the face of the earth?

A)    The Emperorís Palace b) The Great Wall of Chinac) The Great Emperorís tomb


2)      When Egypt was building their pyramids, did China have palaces yet?

A) Yes b) No


3)      How much larger is China than the USA?

A) Ĺb) ľc) 1/3



4)      What made it possible to make more weapons?A) Invention of military strategy b)Invention of iron refining c) Beginnings of military militias


5)      What was the challenge of the Ching army? A) How to produce more weapons b) How to produce enough food c) How to make soldiers follow orders



6)      How did the Chinese carve an irrigation channel through the mountain? A) By using dynamite b) By employing thousands of men to dig with shovelsc) By heating the rock then cracking it with cold water


7)      Did the state of Qin expand or get smaller after the irrigation channel was built? A) Expandb) Got smaller



8)      How old was Ying Zheng when he discovered his mother wanted him killed? A) 22 b) 25c) 28


9)      What did Ying Zheng change his name to?A) Ching b) Huangdi c) Genghis



10)  How many generations did he say his dynasty would last? A) 5,000 b) 10,000 c) 20,000


11)  In which century did the Chinese develop deep drilling? A) 1st century BC b) 2nd century BCc) 3rd century BC



12)  Before the Great Wall of China was built, were there already walls built? A) Yesb) No


13)  How long is the Great Wall of China? A) 4,000 miles b) 5,000 milesc) 6,000 miles



14)  What is in the middle of the Great Wall? A) Dirtb) bricksc) stones


15)  How many assassination plots almost succeeded in killing the Emperor? A) 3b) 4c) 5



16)  How many people were buried alive to warn those who spoke out against the government? A) 200 b) 300 c) 400


17)  At what temperature were Chinese statues heated in the kilns? A) 2000 degreesb) 3000 degreesc) 4000 degrees



18)  How tall was the Chinese tomb, containing the clay soldiers, topped with when it was built? A) 230 feet b) 300 feetc) 400 feet


19)  Why were booby traps put into the Emperorís tomb? A) To prevent an invading armyb) To prevent tomb robbery c) To prevent the royal family from going inside



20)  What happened to the empire once Huangdi died? A) It collapsedb) It grew


21)  How did Huangdi die? A) Stabbed in battle b) Mercury poisoning c) Killed by his brother



22)  206 BC in China: who came to power? a) Lui Bang b) Ghengis Khanc) Shi Huangdi


23)  How many centuries did the Han rule China? A) 4 b) 3c) 2



24)  Yang Di was born in which year? A) 572b) 543c) 569


25)  How did Yang Di propose to unite China? A) By conquering the southb) By building a grand canalc) By invading India



26)  In 618 A.D. what did the Chinese people do? A) Formed an armyb) Invaded Japanc) Rebelled against the Emperor


27)  Who killed Emperor Yang Di? A) His sonb) The peoplec) His generals



28)  When did the Chinese use blast furnaces to forge steel? A) 4th centuryb) 3rd centuryc) 2nd century


29)  Zheng Ha was how old when he was taken from his village? A) 10b) 11c) 12



30)  Zheng Ha was named to lead: a) an army b) a fleet of ships


31)  How many masts did the flagships have? A) 9 b) 10c) 11



32)  Fresh water tankers held provisions for how many men? A) 28,000b) 26,000c) 24,000


33)  How many years did the naval career of Zheng Ha last? A) 24b) 26c) 28



34)  In which year did Zheng Ha die? A) 1422 b) 1433 c) 1436


35)  Who had better gunpowder weapons, the Chinese or the Mongols? A) Chinese b) Monguls



36)  By the end of the Ming dynasty, how many miles of wall were in China? A) 6,000b) 7,000c) 8,000