US History B

YouTube video: The Cold War/BBC


1)      Freeman Dyson was: a) a physicist b) an astronaut c) a mathematician

2)      How old was Dyson when he calculated how many atoms were in the sun? a) 5  b) 10  c) 15

3)      In Russia, October 4, 1957, what happened? A) Russia started its space program  b) Sputnik was launched  c) Russia declared war on the US space program

4)      How large was the first Russian spacecraft launched into space? A) a car  b) a house  c) A basketball

5)      What animal did the Russians put into orbit? A) A dog  b) A monkey  c) A cat

6)      Where did the Dysons move to, in order to start working on a space ship? A) Pasadena  b) La Jolla  c) Boston

7)      How tall was the Orion rocket supposed to be? A) 400 feet  b) 300 feet  c) 200 feet

8)      Where was the Rand Corporation located? A) Los Angeles  b) Pasadena  c) Santa Monica

9)      General Atomics goal was founded to : a) explore peaceful uses of the atom b) develop the atom bomb  c) find ways to use energy from the sun

10)  Did scientists believe that they could propel a spaceship with nuclear explosions? A) Yes  b) No

11)  What is the function of a “pusher plate” on a rocket? A) To push the rocket into orbit  b) To absorb the impact of the blast  c) To boost the rocket off the pad

12)  How many bombs would be needed to get into orbit? A) 100  b) 500  c) 1000

13)  In Las Vegas, who was building the casinos? A) The city  b) The mafia  c) Chinese investors

14)  In which state were nuclear bombs being tested? A) Nevada  b) Idaho  c) Wyoming

15)  What was the name of Dyson’s book? A) The Physics of the Atom  b) Einstein and Beyond   c) Disturbing the Universe

16)  Dyson thought that we would reach Saturn by when? A) 1970  b) 1980  c) 1990

17)  Did Freeman believe that we could reach Saturn? A) Yes  b) No

18)  Was NASA’s policy to have secrets or not have secrets? A) Have secrets  b) Not have secrets

19)  Where was the Air Force Special Weapons Center? A) Nevada  b) Florida  c) New Mexico

20)  Thomas Power was: a) 2nd in command  b) 1st in command   c) 3rd in command

21)  Did Thomas Power support the Orion project?  A) Yes  b) no

22)  When the model of the Orion battleship was shown to President Kennedy, what was his reaction? A) He was amazed  b) He was thankful  c) He was horrified

23)  Is the knowledge generated by the Orion scientists still there? A) Yes  b) No

24)  What do Orion bombs use? A) Uranium  b) Conventional fuel  c) Plutonium

25)  Did Orion get the support of the US government to move forward? A) Yes  b) No