Youtube: Crystal Meth Addiction

Video: Crystal Meth - The World Most Dangerous Drugs - Documentary

1)      What is Crystal Meth called in London? A) dope b) Tina  c) Jordan

2)      In Portland, Oregon, is meth addiction increasing or decreasing? A) Increasing b) Decreasing

3)      In Portland jails, how many inmates test positive for meth use? A) 1 in 10 b) 1 in 5  c) 1 in 4

4)      Can meth cause someone to become violent? A) Yes  b) No

5)      Kobe Kempe: in high school did Kobe try drugs? A) Yes  b) No

6)      When he ended up in jail, how did Kobe’s parents feel? A) Upset  b) Guilty  c) Relieved

7)      Why do meth users start to pick at their skin? A) The feel really hot  b) They feel a crawling sensation  c) They imagine the see insects on their arms

8)      What can meth do to your teeth? A) They turn black  b) They grow larger  c) They fall out

9)      How long does it take for the brain to be affected by meth? A) one day b) An instant c) A week

10)  How many college students have used meth? A) 1 in 20  B) 1 in 30  C) 1 in 40

11)  Can meth cause delusions? A) yes  b) no

12)  Who uses Meth in Bankock, Thailand? A) party people  b) working people  c) teenagers

13)  In what year did the Thai government wage an all out war against the drug?  A) 2007 b) 2005  c) 2003

14)  How many drug users and dealers were killed each day in Thailand during the crackdown?  A) 20  b) 25  c) 30

15)  For how many decades did meth control Kobe Kempe’s life? A) 1  b) 2  c) 3

16)  At the time of the documentary, did Kobe still have thoughts of using meth? A) yes  b) no

17)  What can meth be made from? A) opium b) cold medicine  c) garden plants

18)  Can the cooking and producing of meth cause an explosion? A) yes  b) no

19)  Meth tricks the brain to send out more a) nerve signals  b) calming signals c) dopamine

20)  In Portland, most meth sold is made in a) Mexico b) Canada  c) California

21)  Is meth cheap or expensive?  A) cheap  b) expensive

22)  The couple stranded in a snow storm, high on drugs, are using: a) regular meth  b) crystal meth  c) cocaine and meth

23)  Michael Walmsy, high on drugs, called 911. What happened to him? A) Died b) found by police barely alive  c) found by his parents

24)  How many young adults try meth every year? A) 500,000 b) 300,000 c) 200,000

25)  How many meth users relapse after treatment? A) 72%  b)  82%  c) 92%

26)  What job does Kobe have today? A) works with his father  b) works at Taco Bell  c) works for the post office