US History B

YouTube video: Inside the Iraq War (National Geographic)


1)      When the Iraq war began, what did US soldiers NOT envision? A) House to house combat b) Air raids  c) Poison gas

2)      The war in Iraq started with the dropping of how many bombs? A) 1  b) 2  c) 3

3)      Was Sadam Hussein killed in this first bombing? A) Yes a b) No

4)      What did the US accuse the Iraqi government of?  A) Executing their Sunni citizens  b) Selling oil to Iran  c) Developing weapons of mass destruction

5)      What is the capital of Iraq? A) Ankara  b) Bagdad  c) Tehran

6)      Who did Sadam suppress? A) The Shiites  b) The Sunni

7)      Phase 2 of the assault was called: a) Invasion Unified  b) Operation Shake Up  c) Shock and Awe

8)      How many soldiers were in the non combat unit sent into Iraq? A) 33  b) 37  c) 42

9)      How many soldiers were killed in Lynch’s convoy? A) 15  b)  13  c) 11

10)  What was Al Jezerrah? A) Arab TV network  b) A militia from Kuwait  c)  The leader of Iraq after Hussein was captured

11)  Commander Price commanded how many tanks? A) 14  B) 17  C) 21

12)  How old was Jessica Lynch when she was injured and in the Iraqi hospital? A) 17  B)  19  C) 24

13)  Did Sadam’s army use weapons of mass destruction? A)Yes  b) No

14)  Were British soldiers involved in the Iraq invasion? A) Yes  b) No

15)  Whose idea was it to pull down the statue of Sadam Hussein? A) The US military command  b) Sunni leaders  c) A child

16)  When the US set up a government ruling council after the war, which group was put into power? a) The Shiites  b) The Sunnis

17)  Most of the insurgency was where? A) The Sunni Triangle  b)  The Shiite Triangle c)  Bagdad city area

18)  IED stands for: a) Identifiable explosive devices b) Ideology expressive devices c)  improvised explosive devices

19)  What are IEDs made from? A) radioactive materials  b) Everyday materials  c) Russian components

20)  The insurgency consisted of which fighters? A) Sciite b) Sunni

21)  What is the biggest killer of US troops in the war? A) Air raids  b)  Ambushes  c)  IEDs

22)  Who had Sadam suppressed? A) The Shiites  b) The Sunnis

23)  Who supported Sadr? A) Iran  b) Israel  c)  Russia

24)  How many lived in Fallujah? A) 200,000  b)  300,000  c) 400,000

25)  What happened to the American contractors who took a short cut in Fallujah? A) Kidnapped and ransomed  b) Burned and hung from a bridge  c) Brought to Iran

26)  How old was Sergeant Magana’s daughter, when he was shot?  A) 3  b) 4  c)  5

27)  What was taking place at  abu ghraib prison?  A) American soldiers were abusing prisoners  b) Iraqi soldiers were abusing prisoners  c) Russian soldiers were abusing prisoners

28)  How was this (question 27) discovered? A) Videos  b)  Testimony  c)  Photographs

29)  What was “Operation Phantom Fury”?  a) Invasion of Iran by American forces  c) Invasion of Syria by ISIS  c) Invasion of Fallujah by American forces

30)  Was Fallujah a Sunni or Shiite stronghold? A) Sunni  b) Shiite

31)  How long does the 2nd battle for Fallujah last? A) 8 days  b)  10 days  c) 14 days

32)  By April of 2005, how many troops per month were being killed by IEDs? A) 17  b) 21  c) 32

33)  Tel Afar was near which border? A) Israel  b) Iran  c)  Syria

34)  Mosul is how far from Tel Afar? A) 30 miles  b) 45 miles  c) 62 miles

35)  In the 2nd half of 2005, US forces go on the ______________ in both Al Qaim and Tel Afar: a) defensive  b)  offensive