YouTube: Our Supersized Kids


1)      How many of our children are overweight? A) ¼  b) 1/3  c)  ½

2)      An overweight usually grows up to be a _______ adult  a) obese b)  trim c) anorexic

3)      The Cordera family: Elijah’s visit to the doctor revealed that his weight  a) was growing faster than his height  b) was growing slower than his height c) was diminishing with his age

4)      A BMI above which percentile means a child is overweight? A) 65%  b)  75%  c) 85%

5)      2 out of 3 10 year olds will become a) obese adults  b) normal weight adults  c) under weight adults

6)      Are our genes our destiny? A) Yes  b) No

7)      Where is the child obesity problem the worse? A) low income families of color  b) low income Caucasian families  c)  high income white families

8)      The Torres Family: Yesenia’s oldest daughter was diagnosed with diabetes at age  a) 8  b)  10   c) 15

9)      What makes all the difference? A) making healthy changes as a family b) making healthy changes before 5 years old c) making healthy diet changes after age 18

10)  Was Caleb’s mom an overweight or underweight child?  A) overweight  b) underweight

11)  Food portion size have grown over the past a) 10 years  b) 20 years  c)  30 years

12)  Snacks are how much larger? A) 60%  b) 70%  c) 80%

13)  For rice, a portion size is a)  one quart b) 4 cups c) the size of your hand

14)  What percent of our grocery dollars go towards processed foods?  A) 18%  b) 23%  c) 39%

15)  Studies show that kids with TVs in their bedrooms are ______________ as likely to be obese  a) twice  b) 3 times  c) 4 times

16)  At what age was Michelle James overweight? A) 15  b) 22  c)  26

17)  Why did Michelle over eat? A) to ease the pain  b) to gain weight  c) to be popular

18)  What tough decision did Michelle make 2 weeks after graduating high school? A) give up going to college  b) go on a diet  c) gave her baby up for adoption

19)  After how many years were Caleb and the other kids seeing good results? A)1 month   b)  4 years c) 2 years