World History A

Reformation video/BBC: A History of Christianity Episode 4 - Reformation - The Individual Before God


1)      In 1500 which was the only church most people knew?

A) Orthodox B) LutheranC) Catholic

2)      Only one thing could force the dramatic change to influence people to change their religion?

A) An ideab) A warc) A king

3)      Where does one wait to get into heaven?

A) Limbo b) Purgatoryc) Hades

4)      What was the church selling in the 16th century?

A) Indulgences b) Statuesc) Church offices

5)      Was Martin Luther a monk? A) Yesb) No

6)      Where did Martin Luther get his ideas?

A) Francis of Assisi b) St. Lukec) Augustine of Hippo

7)      Luther said that man is justified by:

a) Good worksb) faith alonec) reading the Bible

8)      Luther said that the key to salvation was where?

A) The churchb) The sacramentsc) The word of God

9)      Up until Lutherís time, church hymns were mostly sung in which language?

A) Latinb) Greekc) Italian

10)  How did Luther teach the people the new German hymns?

A) Teaching other ministers firstb) Teaching them to school children firstc) Teaching them to the church Elders first

11)  Who was the holy roman Emperor at this time?

A) Charles the 5th b) Elizabeth Ic) Constantine

12)  Did Luther ever talk about obedience to the powers in the world?

A) Yesb) No

13)  Zwingli claimed that he discovered this central idea:

a) That the church ministers could help someone reach heavenb) that only God can save someone from hellc) That going to Mass was essential for salvation

14)  In 1522 Zwingli was invited to a dinner party where the people there ate what?

A) A sausageb) A roastc) A fish

15)  What happened to the images of saints in churches in Zurich? A

) They were veneratedb) They were put into museumsc) They were torn down

16)  Did Zwingli believe that, at Mass, the bread became the body and blood of Christ?

A) Yes, b) No

17)  What did Luther say about Zwingli?

A) That he is wicked and crazy b) That he was a great manc) That he was his friend

18)  What were Anabaptists?

A) LutheransB) They didnít believe in the Eucharistc) Re baptizers

19)  What happened to 4 of the Anabaptists in Zurich when they denied that they needed a priest or minister?

A) They were deportedb) They were hungc) They were drowned

20)  30 years after Lutherís revolution, was it obvious that Protestantism would spread across Europe?

A) Yesb) No

21)  What city became known as the Protestant Rome?

A) Genevab) Zurichc) Munich

22)  What was the name of Calvinís book?

A) The Christian Guide to Holiness b) The Imitation of Christc) The Institutes of the Christian Religion

23)  Would Calvin have approved women as church ministers?

A) Yesb) No

24)  What was special about the Geneva Bible?

A) It had the original language on the sideb)It had notes on the sidesc) It was published in English

25)  Calvinís style was defined by:

a) What it supported as goodb) What it said about the biblec) what it was against

26)  John Knox found a model of church to bring back to:

A) Scotlandb) Walesc) Ireland

27)  Did the Scots value education for all or for some?

A) Allb) Some

28)  In 1534 what did King Henry the 8th do?

A) Outlawed the Lutheran churchb) Divorced his second wifec) Made himself head of the church in England

29)  Was Queen Elizabeth Catholic or Protestant?

A) Catholicb) Protestant

30)  How did Puritans feel about anything that suggested Catholicism?

A) The liked itb) They hated it

31)  Was Oliver Cromwell a Puritan?

A) Yesb) No

32)  The Cathedral of Cordova in Spain used to be a:

a) Protestant church b) Mosquec) synagogue

33)  Was Catholic Spain worried about Judaism?

A) Yesb) No

34)  What did the Inquisition do?

A) Made Catholicism weakerb) Made the Lutheran religion spreadc) Added to a self confident Catholicism

35)  Did the early Jesuits like plain or more decorated churches?

A) Plainb) Decorated

36)  The counter reformation offered you what?

A) A sense of individualityb) A sense of companionshipc) a certainty of salvation

37)  What was the last Muslim stronghold to fall in Spain?

A) Granada b) Cordovac) Madrid

38)  Who were the first missionaries to the New World?

A) Jesuitsb) Franciscan Friarsc) Sisters starting schools

39)  Was the Catholic Church happy to mingle (mix) 2 cultures in Mexico?

A) Yesb) No

40)  By 1550 how many had been baptized as Catholics in the Americas?

A) 1 millionb) 5 millionc) 10 million

41)  Were the Hapsburg rulers Protestant or Catholic?

A) Protestantb) Catholic

42)  Catholics were able to push protestants to which part of Europe, in the 30 Years War?

A) The North b) The Southc) The West

43)  In 1682 who started a new Quaker colony in the New World?

A) Benjamin Franklinb)Thomas Jeffersonc) William Penn

44)  Do the Amish drive cars or horse drawn carriages?

A) Carsb) Horse drawn carriages