US History B

YouTube: The Origins of ISIS (rt News)

1)      Is ISIS a new or old terrorist group? A) New  b) old

2)      What did the US do in 2003? A) Invaded Lebanon b) invaded Iraq  c) Invaded Lebanon

3)      What year did ISIS form? A) 2004 b) 2005  c)  2006

4)      In 2013 did the US supply weapons to Syrian rebels? A) yes  b) no

5)      Did President Obama believe there is a military solution inside Iraq that is lead by the US?  A) Yes  b) no

6)      By what year in June did ISIS emerge in Iraq? A) 2014 b) 2013  c) 2012

7)      Why are there no sanctions against oil sold by ISIS? A) it is being bought by China  b) it is being bought by Iran  c) it is sold on the black market

8)      Is Exxon expanding in Russia or in the US? A) Russia  b) US

9)      How long does it take for an oil field to be rebuilt? A) 300-400 days   b)   200-250 days c) 90-120 days

10)  Where does most of the funding for ISIS come from? A) oil  b) counterfeit monies  c) money laundering

11)  ISIS is paid mostly in ______ for the oil it sells. A) diamonds  b) cash  c)  gold

12)  Who is Rand Paul? A) a US senator  b) a US mayor  c) a US congressman

13)  Did Libya’s state run oil corporation lose any oil fields to ISIS? A) yes  b) no

14)  In which African country is ISIS growing? A) Egypt  b) Nigeria  c) Libya

15)  When ISIS got from Syria into Iraq, they found that the Iraqi army a) was weak  b) was strong  c) was stubborn

16)  How much did the US fund the Iraqi army?  A)  $15 billion b) $25 billion  c) $35 billion

17)  The Maliki government alienated who? A) The Shiites  b) The Sunnis

18)  What happened to many of the weapons that the US supplied to the Iraqi army? A) shipped back to the US  b) ended up with the Russian military c) ended up in hands of ISIS

19)  The US military left in Iraq : a) 4 million pieces of equipment b) 3 million  c)  2 million

20)  How long was the US in Iraq? A) 8 years  b) 10 years  c)  12 years

21)  Do we have a policy of fighting with a country, conquering it and keeping it? A) Yes  b) no

22)  Has the US had success or failure in trying to spread democracy in the Middle East?  A) success  b) failure

23)  From the results, do wars of preemption have success? A) Yes  b) no

24)  According to the video, is ISIS a direct threat to the US?  A) Yes  b) no