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1)      In which century was the Taj Mahal built?

a)      16th

b)      17th

c)      18th

2)      How many people come to see the Taj Mahal every year?

a)      1 million

b)      2 million

c)      3 million

3)      What is the Taj Majal?

a)      A tomb

b)      A palace

c)      A government capital

4)      For the foundation of the Taj Mahal, what did the builders use?

a)      A well foundation

b)      An earth foundation

c)      A floating foundation

5)      Does the firstborn prince always become king?

a)      Yes

b)      No

6)      The Taj Mahal is a symbol of which type of love?

a)      Familial love

b)      Divine love

c)      Romantic love

7)      As you walk away, does the Taj Mahal seem to grow bigger or smaller?

a)      Bigger

b)      Smaller

8)      When the great Mogul finally dies, what does Shah Jahan do to his rivals?

a)      Has them exiled

b)      Has them eliminated

c)      Has them made princes

9)      In which year is Shah Jahan crowned emperor?

a)      1628

b)      1634

c)      1668

10)  The Moguls are descended from whom?

a)      Julius Caesar

b)      Genghis Kahn

c)      Alexander the Great

11)  What is at the center of the mausoleum?

a)      The tomb of Mumtaz Mahal

b)      The tomb of the first Mogul emperor

c)      The religious symbolism of Hinduism

12)  Did the Moguls drink alcohol?

a)      Yes

b)      No

13)  In 1629 reports reach the emperor about

a)      Uprisings

b)      An invasion

c)      Another emperor born

14)  Mumtaz Mahal dies after the birth of her _____ child

a)      12th

b)      13th

c)      14th

15)  How many slaves worked on the Taj Mahal?

a)      5000

b)      10000

c)      20000

16)  What is beneath the white façade of the Taj Mahal?

a)      Bricks

b)      White stone

c)      Granite

17)  What was next to the white building, the Taj Mahal?

a)      The black Taj

b)      The markets

c)      The gardens

18)  Were travelers welcome or unwelcome at the court of the Mogul empire?

a)      Welcome

b)      Not welcome

19)  What does “pietra dura” mean?

a)      Soft stone

b)      Hard stone

c)      Half stone

20)  What is inside the coffin in the Taj Mahal?

a)      Mumtaz Mahal’s body

b)      It is empty

c)      The Mogul emperor

21)  Who toppled the emperor in 1658

a)      His brother

b)      His son

c)      His uncle

22)  After he was put into prison, did Shah Jahan ever see the Taj Mahal again?

a)      Yes

b)      No

23)  How old was Shah Jahan when he died?

a)      74

b)      76

c)      77