YouTube: Drugged High on Alcohol Documentary

1)       How many pints of vodka a day is Ryan drinking? A) 3 pints  b)  2 pints  c)  1 pint

2)      What is the abused drug in the USA?  A) cocaine b) alcohol  c)  heroine

3)      What is the first impact of alcohol?  A) increases secretions  in the liver b)  kidneys shut down c) triggers pleasure signals in the brain

4)      How many days of free rehab is Ryan being offered? A) 90 days  b) 60 days  c)  30 days

5)      The children of alcoholics are ______ more likely to become alcoholics. A) 2 times  b)  3 times  c)  4 times

6)      Who dies Ryan live with today? A) his mother  b) his grandfather  c) his grandmother

7)      Can withdrawal from alcohol be harmful for the alcoholic?  A) yes  b)  no

8)      Which withdrawal is more harmful: from alcohol or from heroine?  A) alcohol  b) heroine

9)      Is Ryan’s ex girlfriend giving his alcohol?  A) yes  b) no

10)  Who is the biggest enabler in Ryan’s life? A) his mother  b) his brother  c) his grandfather

11)  Where will Ryan get his physical exam? A) New York  b) Dallas  c) San Francisco

12)   Does alcohol abuse damage the digestive system? A) yes  b) no

13)  How many alcoholics beat the addiction?  A) 2 in 5  b)  1 in 5   c) 3 in 5

14)  Does alcohol make the brain shrink or swell?  A) shrink  b)  swell

15)  What happens to the liver with alcohol abuse?  A) becomes scarred b) becomes inflamed  c) swells

16)  What injury does Ryan have that never healed? A) broken foot  b) broken back  c) broken hip

17)  Does Ryan have hallucinations? A) yes  b) no

18)  Is Ryan’s mother involved in his life?  A) yes  b) no

19)  How does Ryan feel about his medical exam?  A) he is looking forward to it  b) he is scared  c) he refuses to do it

20)  What does alcohol do to the skin? A) makes it hard to heal  b) dries out the skin c) makes it crack

21)  Ryan eats how many calories a week? A) one week’s worth  b) one days worth  c) three days worth

22)  What is happening to Ryan’s hip? A) It is getting better b)  the blood vessels are closing c) the bone is starting to die

23)  What suffers the worse damage from alcoholism? A) the organs  b) the skin  c) the bones

24)  What is the main cause of Ryan’s pain when he eats? A) the stomach  b) the pancreas  c) the liver

25)  Dr. Urschel is a ________ psychiatrist a)  self esteem b) addiction  c) substance

26)  How many alcoholics have mental problems? A) 1 in 10  b) 3 in 10  5 in 10

27)  Does Dr. Urschel give permission for Ryan to drink alcohol during their session? A) yes  b) no

28)  Is Ryan a schizophrenic? A) yes  b) no

29)  Is Ryan willing to go to rehab? A) yes  b) no

30)  What is the first step in rehab?  A) making a schedule b) de-tox  c) counseling

31)  How old was Ryan when he died?  A) 28  b)  29  c) 30

32)  Is alcoholism an individual or a family disease? A) individual  b) family