YouTube: Teens and Smoking

1)      Each day in the USA how many kids try their first cigarette? A) 3000 b) 4000 c) 5000

2)      Why do most kids smoke? The most common answer is a) they want to be cool b) they want to be like adults  c) they like the taste

3)      What is addiction? A) physical craving  b)  psycological craving c) physical and psycological craving

4)      How long does it take to get addicted to smoking? A) 1 cigarette b) 1 pack  c) a few weeks

5)      Who smokes more among teenagers? A) boys  b) girls

6)      What is the higher cause of death, smoking or AIDs? A) smoking  b) AIDS

7)      What is nicotine? A) a deadly addictive poison  b) a flavoring agent  c) the processing agent

8)      How long does it take nicotine to reach the brain?  A) 1 hour  b) 30 seconds  c)  10 seconds

9)      Is it true that if you smoke fewer cigarettes is it safer? A) yes  b) no

10)  Does quitting smoking have withdrawal effects? A) yes  b) no

11)  Can smoking cause depression? A) yes  b) no

12)  Smoking can increase _______  a) arthritis  b)  HIV c) asthma

13)  Carbon monoxide, in a smoker, clings to a) the white blood cell b) the red blood cell

14)  What does smoking to do your fingernails? A) turns them yellow  b) makes them thinner c) turns them brittle

15)  Immediate effects of smoking on teeth: a) causes cavities b) turns them brown  c) turns them yellow

16)  The majority of teens surveyed on the program  a) never smoked  b) smoked in the past 30 days

17)  How many steps are there for quitting smoking? A) 4  b) 5  c) 6

18)  Once you mentally prepare yourself to quit, what is the next step?  A) take anti smoking medication b) start eating properly  c) remove everything from your life that has to do with smoking

19)  What is “support” in quitting smoking? A) having somewhere to go to talk with others  b) start smoking medication  c) switch to a vapor cigarette

20)  Do tobacco companies target teens? A) yes  b) no

21)  How many people die from smoking related illnesses every day in the USA? A) 500  b) 1100  c) 1200

22)  What percentage of PG-13 movies promotes smoking for teens? A) 60% b) 70%  c 80%

23)  Most teens are influenced by whom to not smoke? A) educational programs b) family and friends  c) school

24)  Does smoking help people lose weight? A) yes  b) no

25)  How much does a pack-a-day smoker spend per year?  A) $500  b) $700 c) $1000

26)  What percentage of US teens tries cigarettes because they saw it in the movies? A) 30% b) 30%  c) 40 %