YouTube/ The Secrets of Sugar

1)      The label on the Nesquick cereal have how many teaspoons of sugar in one serving?  A)  17   b) 20    c)  15

2)      On average, how many teaspoons of sugar per person per day do we consume  a) 26  b)  22  c)  20

3)      What is the “bliss point”? a) the level of sodium in a food  b) The reaction in the brain the savory foods c)  the level where you like that product the most

4)      How many grahams of sugar is one teaspoon?  A) 4  b)  5  c)  6

5)      What does “obesity” mean? A) undernourished  b) overweight  c) underweight

6)      Which is worse in food, the sugar or the fat?  A) Sugar  b) fat

7)      Sugar is made of two molecules: glucose and _____  a)  b) fructose  c) glucose

8)      Where do many problems begin in the body, in processing sugar? A) liver  b) pancreas  c) kidneys

9)      What shuts down that part of the brain that tells you that you are full? A) glucose  b) fructose

10)  How many teaspoons of sugar does tomato soup have?  A) 2 ˝  b)  1 ˝   c) 3 ˝

11)  Has the food industry known about links between process foods and disease?  A) Yes  b) No

12)  In 1999 the meeting in Minneapolis food industry executives met together to discuss a)  nutrition labeling b) obesity  c) Sodium content

13)   Michael Mudd was a top executive at a) Kraft  b) Nabisco  c) Pillsbury

14)  Ansell Keys was exposed for a) being a false prophet  b) being funded by the sugar industry  c) presenting false studies

15)  Today in N. America how many people are diabetic or pre-diabetic? A) 100 million  b) 100 thousand  c)  150 thousand

16)  At UC Davis students are feed a lot of sugar to test the markers for a) cancer b)  kidney problems c) heart disease

17)  Can eating too much sugar increase the probability of getting cancer? A) Yes  b) no

18)  According to some experts, a tumor can use what as a tool to grow?  A) glucose  b) fructose

19)  At Brown university, they are doing studies on rats. Once fed with a human diet of high sugar and fats, the rat showed signs of a) liver damage b)  kidney damage c) brain damage

20)  Has the case against sugar been proven?  A) Yes  b) No

21)  The American Heart Association says men should have no more than how many teaspoons per day? A)  6  b)  7    c) 9

22)  Sugar industries are using tactics once used by  a) the tobacco industry  b) The US Government c) private industry

23)  Once New York City banned large sugary drinks, the response of the sugar industry was to:   a) ridicule the mayor  b) produce labels of large drinks c) they banned drinks about 16 ounces

24)  What is the world’s largest sugar user? A) Nabisco  b)  Kraft c) coca cola

25)  What is the web feature where you can go to gather more information  a) b)  c)