World History A

Video; Louis XIV - The Sun King(The Journeys of the Sun King)

1)      What animal did King Louis XIII like to hunt? A) Bearsb) Deerc) Foxes

2)      What was the name of the wife of Louis XIII? A) Anne b) Elizabethc) Emily

3)      Was the queen religious? A) Yesb) No

4)      What vow did the queen make, if she gave birth to an heir? A) That she would dedicate her son to Godb) That she would build a churchc) That she would make a pilgrimage to Rome

5)      In January 1649 what did the royal family have to do? A) Flee Parisb) Flee Francec) Go into hiding

6)      How many trees did Louis XIV plant at St. Germaine? A) 5.5 million b) 4.5 millionc) 3.5 million

7)      Where did Louis XIV construct his first hospital? A) Versaillesb) Nicec) Paris

8)      In 1658 what sickness did the king have? A) Tuberculosis b) Typhoidc) Influenza

9)      Was King Louis XIV considered to be handsome? A) Yesb) No

10)  Who did King Louis marry? A) His great auntb) His childhood friendc) His cousin

11)  After he fired all his ministers, how many did the king decide to keep? A) 3b) 4c)5

12)  Were fireworks used at the time of King Louis XIV? A) Yesb) No

13)  Do we know the identity of the man in the iron mask? A) Yesb) No

14)  Did Louis have a mistress? A)Yesb) No

15)  On May 6 1664 what did Louis do? A) Went to warb) Called his ministersc) Threw a party

16)  Was Louis a good dancer? A) Yesb) No

17)  What type of dogs were used in hunting? A) Retrievers b) Houndsc) German shepherds

18)  Where did Louis XIV love to go? A) Versailles b) Parisc) Fontainebleau

19)  The king forbid the peasants to: a) huntb) Harvest his fieldsc) marry a noble

20)  In January 1671 Louis XIV left which palace forever? A) Versaillesb) The Louvrec) Fontainebleau

21)  As it is today, the Louvre is the fruit of how many years of work? A) 800b) 900c) 1000

22)  In 1672 Louis declares war on which country? A) Hollandb) Englandc) Spain

23)  After how many years do the French and Dutch sign a peace treaty? A) 4b) 5c) 6

24)  Under Louis XIV, did France import or export more goods? A) Import b) Export

25)  How old was Colbert when he died? A) 85b) 72c) 64

26)  Where did most of King Louis XIVís mistresses end up? A) In his court b) In a convent c) In an orphanage

27)  Did the king wear a wig? A) Yesb) No

28)  At what time does the king cross the Hall of Mirrors to attend Mass? A) 8 a.m.b) 9 a.m. c) 10 a.m.

29)  Instead of knocking on doors, inside the palace one: a) whispers b) rings a bellc) scratches

30)  Before the time of Louis XIV, most fabric came from: a) Italyb) Englandc) Holland

31)  After how many years did the war against the Augsburgís end? A) 7b)8c)9

32)  In the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Virgin Mary looks like: a) his cousin Josephine b) his mother Anne of Austriac) His sister Elizabeth from Austria

33)  In 1700 France is: a) at peaceb)at war

34)  In which year was the royal chapel completed in Versailles? A) 1710 b) 1715c) 1720

35)  How old was Louis XIV when he died? A) 75b) 76c) 77