US History B

YouTube Video: Ronald Reagan/Ronald Reagan - American Idol (BBC Documentary)

1)      What year was Ronald Reagan born? A) 1911 b) 1912  c) 1913

2)      Do we know who the real Ronald Reagan was? A) Yes  b) No

3)      What is the Reagan Legacy Project? A) To re-name places and things after Reagan  b) To bring visitors to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley  c) To honor the memory of Reagan by putting him on the dollar bill

4)      What was one of Reagan’s sons name? a) John  b) Matthew  c) Michael

5)      What did Reagan’s father do for a living? A) An actor  b) A shoe salesman  c) A restaurant owner

6)      What did Ronal Reagan do as a teenager? A) An actor  b) A teacher  c) A Lifeguard

7)      In movies what types of roles did Reagan like to play? A) The villain b) The hero

8)      When Reagan arrived in Hollywood, it was: a) the golden age b) silent era  c) color film era

9)      In WW2, did Reagan see military action? A) Yes  b) No

10)  Did Reagan have good or bad eyesight? A) Good  b) Bad

11)  Was Reagan for or against communism? A) For  b) Against

12)  In the 1950s the FBI was investigating communism in: a) Washington D.C.  b) The Midwest  c) Hollywood

13)  What was Reagan’s position in the Screen Actors Guild? A) President b) Secretary  c) Vice President

14)  In private, did Reagan cooperate with the FBI to inform on other actors suspected to be communists?

15)  Who was Ronald Reagan’s best friend? A) His father  b) Anne  c) Nancy

16)  Which year did Ronald Reagan meet his future wife Nancy? A) 1949  b) 1950  c) 1951

17)  What company did Ronald Reagan do commercials for? A) Sears  b) General Motors  c) GE

18)  Was Reagan more successful as a salesman or an actor? A) Salesman b) Actor

19)  Did Reagan think Americans would be for or against socialized medicine? A) For  b) Against

20)  While working for GE, was Reagan becoming more conservative or liberal? A) Conservative  b) Liberal

21)  How did Reagan’s time working for GE end? A) he quit b) His contract ran out  c) He was fired

22)  Did Reagan switch from being a democrat to a republican, or a republican to democrat? A) Democrat to republican  b) republican to democrat

23)  In which year was John Kennedy assassinated? A) 1962  b)  1964  c) 1966

24)  Which state did Reagan become governor of? A) California  b) Texas  c) New York

25)  How did Reagan respond to street demonstrations?  A) “I support your voices”  b) “Young people are our future  c) “Follow the rules or get out”

26)  During the 1960s was Reagan a nice or an angry man? A) Nice  b) Angry

27)  How many times did Reagan run for president? A) 1 time  b) 2 times  c) 3 times

28)  Was Reagan seen as fair or unfair in his economic policies? A) Fair  b) Unfair

29)  Did Reagan win the election by a little bit or by a landslide? A) A little bit  b) Landslide

30)  Was Reagan ever divorced? A) Yes  b) No

31)  As Reagan took his oath of office, the American hostages were released by: a) Iraq b) Lebanon  c) Iran

32)  Reagan thought that you can improve the nation if you improve the nation’s: a) mood b) welfare programs  c) lower class

33)  How high was the top margin tax rate when Reagan came to power? a) 50 percent  b) 60 percent  c) 70 percent

34)  Who was the vice president under Reagan? A) Ford  b) Bush  c) Carter

35)  Did Reagan believe in lower or higher taxes? A) Lower  b) Higher

36)  The essence of Reagonomics benefited more the wealthy or the poor? A) The wealthy  b) the poor

37)  Under Reagan the republican party came to be identified with: a) the middle class  b) liberal ideas  c) family values

38)  Did the Reagan administration support or was it against organized labor? A) Support  b) Against

39)  The idea that Reagan had was that government was: a) good  b) bad

40)  How many marines were lost in the terrorist explosion in Lebanon? A) 241 b) 276  c) 289

41)  Oliver North was operating in an unusual way where? A) Central Europe  b) Central America  c) The Middle East

42)  The Reagan administration organized a group in Central America called the: a) Sandinistas  b) Revolutionaries  c) Contras

43)  Did Reagan know about the secret plan to sell arms to Iran? A) Yes  b) No

44)  Was Reagan aware that shipping arms to Iran was illegal? A) Yes  b) No

45)  In which year did Iran and Contra come together? A) 1984  b) 1985  c) 1986

46)  What was the real first crack in Reagan’s image? A) Vietnam war  b) Iran-Contra  c) Invasion of Afganistan

47)  What percentage of the American people think it was wrong to sell arms to Iran? A) 90 percent b) 80 percent  c) 70 percent

48)  How many years did it take for President Reagan to say the word “Aids” during his administration? A) 4 years  b) 5 years  c) 7 years

49)  Did Reagan believe that the homeless are on the streets because of their own choice? A) Yes  b) No

50)  Did American conservatives at the time support Reagan in talking with Gorbachev? A) Yes  b) No

51)  What was one of Reagan’s regrets? A) The AIDS crisis b) The war  c) The deficit

52)  What disease did Reagan have towards the end of his life? A) Alzheimer’s  b) Typhoid  c) ALS