US History B

Video/YouTube/Vietnam War/Inside the Vietnam War (NOTE: USE EPISODE #2 on the web page)


1)      On Sunday November 14, 1965; how long have US troops been in Vietnam?  A) 6 month  b) 7 months  c)  8 months

2)      How many companies at a time could the US helicopters bring in? a) 1  b)  2  c)  3

3)      Enemy snipers often hid among what: a) banana trees  b) elephant grass  c) bamboo

4)      Was the North Vietnamese army well armed? A) Yes  b) No

5)      What type of rifles were North Vietnamese armed with? A) Machine guns b) AK47s  c) sniper rifles

6)      Under which president did the US begin getting involved in Vietnam? A) Johnson  b) Roosevelt  c) Kennedy

7)      Did Diem listen to the advice or US officials? A) Yes  b) No

8)      How did Diem’s life end? A) Heart attack  b) Killed in battle  c) Assassinated

9)      Who becomes president after Kennedy was killed? A) Johnson  b) Ford  c) Truman

10)  What was Operation Rolling Thunder? A) A North Vietnamese bombing campaign  b) A US led bombing campaign  c) An attack method using tanks of the US military

11)  On March 8 1965 where did US marines come ashore? A) Dak To  b) Ho Chi Ming  c) De Nang

12)  What key advantage does the US have? A) Air power  b) Better weapons  c) More soldiers

13)  At Landing Zone X-ray: how many US soldiers died? A)  80 b) 90  c) 100

14)  Did US forces keep or abandon Landing Zone X-ray? A) Keep  b) Abandon

15)  What was the Viet Kong’s proven skill? A) Invading territory at night  b) Bombing US troops  c) Vanishing into the landscape

16)  General Westmorland called for more or less battalions? A) More  b) Less

17)  What were the “re-condos” job? A) Recording enemy attacks  b) Reconnaissance missions  c) Monitoring US air strikes

18)  June 1966 troops pick up signs of enemy activity where? A) Dak To b) Ho Chi Ming  c) De Nang

19)  June 1966 how many US soldiers were on the ground in Vietnam?  A) 100,000 b) 150,000 c) 200,000

20)  What did Johnson rely on to send more battalions to Vietnam? A) The draft  b) Volunteer army  c) Higher pay for soldiers

21)  What was General Westmorland’s strategy? A) Surrounding the Viet Kong from North and South  b) Killing as many communists as possible  c) Dropping poison gas bombs

22)  During operation Cedar Falls, the majority of the Viet Kong: a) Were killed  b) Were victorious b) managed to slip away

23)  What is Operation Junction City? A) 22 US battalions start the largest operation of the war  b) 50 US battalions invade North Vietnam  c) Southern Vietnamese soldiers invade the north

24)  How many enemy dead in this operation? A) 1000 b) 2000 c)  3000

25)  What did “Husky” call for? A) An invasion  b) A dust off  c) A new strategy

26)  After 2 ½ years of fighting, some soldiers begin to question what? A) Why the US was in the war  b) The body count ratio to gage victory  c) Why the south was not winning the war

27)  Did commanders exaggerate body count? A) Yes  b) No

28)  Did General Westmorland believe that his forces were wearing down the enemy? A) Yes  b) No

29)  What turn did the fighting in Vietnam take after the battle at Dak To? A) The South Vietnamese retreated from their positions  b) The US troops started to advance on enemy positions  c)  The North Vietnamese started an all out attack in the south