Government/Video/Contract Unit 1

You tube Video on Nixon and Watergate Scandal; NBC news

1)      What did the White House call Watergate? A) an international scandal b) a third rate burglary c) a shameful episode

2)      What did Nixon do for the first time in history? A) Filled out his term  b) died in office  c) Resigned

3)      How many men were caught inside the Watergate hotel? A) 4  b) 5  c)  6

4)      Why was Nixon’s team spying on Democrats? A) they wanted to make sure Nixon won the next election b) they wanted to make sure that voters knew the truth c) they wanted to make sure that there was no voting fraud

5)      What did Senator McGovern say about the bugging? A) that the republicans were trying to take over the country b) the Watergate case is part of a larger wiretapping activity  c) that Nixon was behind it

6)      Nov 7 1972: how many states did Nixon win? A) 49  b) 44  c)  38

7)      Feb 7, 1973: the senate voted ____ to nothing to investigate the Watergate case? Z) b) c) 77

8)      What did the Nixon administration say about Mr. Dean’s involvement in the Watergate scandal? A) that Dean was innocent b) that Dean was innocent  c) that Dean was part of a democratic plot

9)      May 18, 1973: under oath, James McCord, questioned on Watergate. He claimed that he was pressured to a) keep silent and go to prison  b)  meet with the press and tell everything c) take a position in Nixon’s administration

10)  John Dean. Did Dean believe his conversations with President Nixon were being taped? A) yes  b) no

11)  Dean said that he told President Nixon that he hoped his testimony would not result in a) him going to prison b) Nixon going to jail c) the impeachment of the president

12)  After he came out of the hospital from recovering from resigning, Nixon said that a) he would never resign  b) he would resign  c) he would slow down

13)  October 20, 1973, Nixon ordered that who be fired? A) Richardson b) Archibald Cox c) Vice president Spiro Agnew

14)  Did Nixon admit that he obstructed justice? A) yes  b) no

15)  What was strange about the tapes turned over to the courts by Nixon? A) they had parts missing b) they had evidence that implicated congress c) they recorded Democratic leaders plotting against Nixon

16)  410 to how many did congress start an impeachment investigation? A) 400 to 20  b) 405 to 15 c) 410 to 4

17)  The president’s lawyer was named a) Sinclare  b) Sodino  c) Haldeman

18)  Did Nixon ever go to Russia? A) yes  b) No

19)  July 24 1974, what did the Supreme Court state? A) Nixon must step down b) Nixon must turn over more tapes c) Nixon must testify before the court

20)  August 8, 1974. Nixon appeared on television to a) resign b) never quit c) become

21)  Who became president after Nixon? A) Agnew b) Johnson c) Ford

22)   Who was Kissinger? A) secretary of state b) head of senate  c) congressman from New York

23)  When he left for the last time, walking towards the helicopter, did Gerald Ford accompany him? A) yes  b) no

24)  How many minutes before his resignation became effective did Ford become president? A) 90 minutes  b) 60 minutes  c) 45 minutes

25)  In what year was Nixon interviewed by Barbara Walters? A) 1980  b) 1981  c) 1982